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750mg Test E + 37.5mg of Tren Ace ED

Is this too much for a third cycle? Thinking of bringing the test e down to 500 mgs per week.

5’11", 263, 35, been lifting for 21 years (20 of them naturally).

I think it is fine, just make sure you are using an AI as well. Id front load the test E if you want to start the TA right away

What is your cycle?

750mg Test Eth/wk?
37.5mg Tren Ace/?

Lay it out properly…

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[quote]soontobeIFBB wrote:
I think it is fine, just make sure you are using an AI as well. Id front load the test E if you want to start the TA right away[/quote]

Yeah, I’m doing 1000 mg of test e the first week and starting the tren ace at week 2. I’m using 10mgs of aromasin per day. I haven’t seen much on here about aromasin dosages.

That’s a lower mid level dose about the equal of .25-.5mg of A-dex anastrozole

For such a low level of tren i’d lower the test personally.

Only because i like to have doses low as possible and also tied into eachother - for example; tren at that dose is barely noticeable IME with test that high.

But everyone is different and sides occur at different doses for everyone. I find estrogen increases massively from 500mg - 750mg of test, and benefits rise from 30-50mg/day of tren but sides dont.



i’d bump the test down… where you going to go test wise for the 4th time? 5th time?

its up to u tho

Tren ace can be shot eod for ease

If this your first time using tren the dose is reasonable imo and you should notice a difference

I find aggression grips me quickly if i miss a daily injection - this is due to varying levels.

I also found that aggression from dianabol came AFTER the cycle…

For me its aggression, for others its acne, gyno etc… daily injects are the way to go.

It isnt a newbie ester really, but one would soon get used to injecting with all that practice!


For a third cycle you should be down with injection practice and ‘shoot’ for ED injections.

Yeah, I’m doing ED injections. I’m not sure how that became an issue in this thread. I’m just concerned with the test dosage.

Im looking at 500mg Test E and 100mg Tren A every 5 days for 10 weeks?

[quote]ldc_08 wrote:
Im looking at 500mg Test E and 100mg Tren A every 5 days for 10 weeks?[/quote]

I’m looking at a very poorly laid out cycle…

Are you suggesting that you inject 100mg Tren Acetate every 5 days? This is not the way to use this drug, and you will not get anywhere near the effect that you could by injecting 20mg everyday - the equivalent to 140mg/wk - the same dose as 100mg E5D.
Not only that, but it is also a very low dose - with ~200mg/wk being the lowest dose i’d reccommend for Tren.

Test E injected E5D is poor also, as the half life is approx. 5 days, meaning that when you are due to inject the second time, you will have half the level of test as when you first injected (this isnt the case after the second injection, but will still leave very unstable levels - resulting in fluctuations in estrogen and androgen levels making all the usual side effects much more likely).

To summarise, you will waste the tren and suffer terrible swings your hormone levels by injecting so infrequently, this will lead to increased risk of gyno, aggression, acne, bloating, moodiness, depression - the lot.
The test is do-able E5D, but the Tren Ace most definitely is not. Daily is needed for an Acetate ester IMO, every other day is it’s weak cousin… :wink:

You should make a thread of your own - but i will warn you; Research your drugs and cycle design before you do so - as the suggestion you just made wont go down well.


Just an update on the cycle. Have been on the test e for 4 weeks now and the tren ace for about 3 weeks. At first, I was feeling pretty crappy while on the tren ace (difficulty sleeping, lethargic, etc), but my body seems to have adjusted now. I’m up about 8 pounds in bodyweight and my strength has gone through the roof. My endurance has taken a big hit though. I just started my hcg injections yesterday.