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.75 Needles?


Hey guys! First post on here but prior of making the decision to start my first test only cycle a lot of my research took me here.

Anyways, I'm almost 7 weeks into my cycle and ran out of my 1.5" needles a while ago so I ended up ordering some more which mistakenly turned out to be .75" needles. I knew that short of a needle would be too short for my bum so I injected into my quad which was surprisingly 100% painless.

My question is... Am I wasting my gear with a needle so short? I know a lot of people use 1" needles for there quads so I was assuming and hoping .75" could suffice and be used for my quads.

Thanks guys!


I have used 3/4" slin pins to inject in lats, quads, and delts. Basically anywhere that has low bodyfat coverage will work fine. As long as you don’t see oil leaking out after pulling the needle, then I wouldn’t say you are wasting anything.


They’re fine. Your not wasting anything


Sweet. Thanks guys! Appreciate it.