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75/85 Questions

Jim, just a few questions on the 75/85 Volume template:

1-What would a deload week look like on this program?

2-When would you increase your TM?

3-What assistance work do you recommend for this program?

The Beyond 5/3/1 book is awesome and all you give back to the lifters is greatly appreciated.

This is after a reset ONLY. This is 5 cycles.

Cycle 1-2:

Monday - squat/bench - 75/5x5
Tuesday - dead/press - same
Thursday - squat/bench - same
Friday - dead/press

Assistance = 50-100 reps in each of the three categories (already listed in this forum)

Cycle 3-4

Monday - squat/bench - 85/5x5
Tuesday - Dead/press - 75/5x5
Thursday - squat/bench -75/5x5
Friday - dead/press - 85/5x5

Assistance (same as 1-2)

Cycle 5

Monday - squat/bench - 95/5x3
Tuesday - Dead/press - 75/5x5
Thursday - squat/bench -75/5x5
Friday - dead/press - 95/5x3

Assistance - total reps done per category can be 0-50

TM is increased after each cycle (3 weeks).

Deload can be whatever you want: just repeat cycle 1 and cut out all assistance and hard conditioning or do the 7th week protocol - already listed in this forum (or any of the dozen or so options that have worked for you in past). Increase the 5/3/1 recovery protocol to 7 days/week on deload week.

Awesome stuff Jim, thank you!


Why is this recommended for advanced guys only? Im Weak with 1.5bw squat, 2x bw dead, but have lifted many years.

I would like to try it as im busy with very young kids , work etc and it sounds great to just simply hit the main lifts at a % that wont wipe me out but still increase strength. Also, Moving a weight fast and with great form, and leaving the weightroom feeling good and not beat up with 5x10 BBB or big high vol work … This seems what i need…

Can an intermediate successfully follow this plan in your opinion?

Go ahead and try it - it’s all explained in the book.

Thanks for the heads up Jim, it means a lot.

I think i will enjoy training and it will mean much more - something about the template that speaks to me and makes sense.

Appreciate such a rapid response.