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72oz Steak Challenge


How many of yall have tried and or completed the 72 oz steak challenge in amarillo? Im going to be out that way in a few months and Im going to do it.



If I'm hungry (breakfast comes to mind) I would finish that sucker in half an hour :smiley:


Good luck, man! 72 oz is no joke! Reminds me of the movie 'The Great Outdoors'. I remember when I lived in Savannah, GA, that there was a burger joint on Abercorn that had a 'Bring it on' challenge: A triple-decker burger with 48 oz of meat (3-1 lb patties), 5 buns, and a basket of fries. If you finish everything in 45 mins, you get your name on the wall and it's free, otherwise, it's $30. I almost finished all of the meat, and that was it! Luckily, they were slow in bringing it out, so I only paid $15.


Personally i'd just settle for a perfectly cooked ribeye and an ice cold beer.


LOL, we had one such "challenge" here in State College, PA a year or so back, except there was no bread/salad/fries - luckily I was on the AD then. After I (and a few friends) ripped through their offerings for free 3 days in a row, they closed it down and never returned.


My buddy finished one at that exact restuarant on the way to Colorado for a skiing trip. We were eating multiple steaks per night the previous 2 years for football. That may have helped...

They let you cut some fat off and I think he puked later.

Same trip included the 30 minute milk challenge.

It was easy to have stupid fun in HS.


Gallon challenge, great stuff! I've tried that many a time. HS shenanigans were the bomb


At Fudrucker's I put away 2 one pound burgers with buns and all the toppings along with fries in under 10 minutes. That steak is as good as gone.


the best challenge that boston has to offer is the burger challenge out at eagles deli.

"Our Challenge burger is 5 lbs. of beef, 20 slices of cheese, 20 slices of bacon and of course what's a burger without fries, and our challenge burger comes with 5lbs of fries!"


I hit that place one time while driving to CA. The fucking steak is huge, I didn't attempt it, but the other steaks they cook are badass.


I had a thread about my trip to Amarillo last year that I would link to if I weren't so lazy. Needless to say, the 72oz of steak you get at the Big Texan isn't exactly the best. I'll probably do it just to do it next time I'm down there, but I'm not really looking forward to it.

The rest of the food is good, btw and the lunch buffet was pretty cheap. The beer is plentiful and cheap too.


Oh and Kevin YOOOOOOOOUK stops in from time to time too.