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727 Lbs. for 4 Reps(4 Inch Deficit) DL


This is rediculous:


Watch out Andy, hes coming for you.


This guy is a beast. Love his form btw.


Also, yes this has been posted before, but it never gets old:


That's fucking sick.


All things considered, it didn't even look that hard.

Also to lift that weight and still have abs-shiiat


Monstrous. Looking forward to his next comp.


Ya reckon?


drawing upon my vast experience in multiple disciplines of the iron game, i must conclude that that guy is strong.

your welcome.

ps. fuck, that guy is strong.


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Wow...who else feels like a bitch?


Right over here.


Where's Konstantinovs from?

Dude in the video is speaking Russian, but it's not a Russian name?
Croatia? Yugoslavia?


what a lard arse :stuck_out_tongue:


Very impressive. I agree that it is not 4 inches. I suspect it's a translation issue and that is 4 centimeters (a little over 1.5 inches).




Just wondering what's the difference between your deficit and off the floor pulls?(For those who does deficits regularly)


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All of his deadlift videos are really impressive. I've seen him bench but no squatting videos.

I read that he's the only person to have all three lifts be over 400kg in competition.


Konstantinovs has a video where he reps that for 6 - it's about half an year old:

He's very, very impressive guy, he can really be a contender in the raw divisions.

P.S. HT, lol :slight_smile:


Very doubtful that he's benched 881+ tbh. Don't think he's squatted that much either unless he's done a multiply comp?