725 Squat @220 4 Weeks Out


Just checking in. Haven’t been very active on the boards much at all as of lately due to work, school and other life time restrain. But, still managing to go pretty strong. Training has been knocked down to about 2 sessions a week for the past 6-7 months.

Week 1 Day 1
Heavy Squat Focus
Deadlift Postion Focus

Week 1 Day 2
Bench Volume Focus
Weighted Dips
Upper Back Focus

Week 2
Heavy Pull Focus
Squat Weak Point Focus

Week 2 Day
Bench Volume Focus
Dips for reps
Upper Back Accessories

Have one day I dedicate a solid hour and half to stretching, mobility, deep tissue work, and prehab.

I’m currently 28 days out from next meet the SPF Grit house Classic in Cleveland TN on September 3rd. Looking to hit 770/400/630 on second attempts @220 or 242 depending if I can get off work the day before to weigh in and rehydrate. As off right now I’m sitting between 222-225 depending on the day of the week. The above video is my opener of 725.


Good shit. Hopefully you can make 220 as thatd be an easy cut with a 24-hr weigh-in. Not that that total wouldn’t be impressive at 242 …

Crazy stuff man. The speed of your squat has improved a shite load!

Makes sense you’d be squatting that much. Love the years of consistent progress man, always inspiring.

Only getting in 2x a week for that long and maintaining a good weight can be hard unless your job is really physically active. Kudos on the dietary discipline.

Oh yeah, and awsome 725lb speed squat too haha!

Thanks everyone.

@Fletch1986 thanks man. I don’t have s very physical necessarily. I run a dozer for 10-12 hours a day basically any and every day that it is not raining. But, it is extremely hot here in TN/GA and the heat definitely makes it way harder.