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72 Year Old Bodybuilder


Jim Morris, 72 years old and still going strong.


In 1973, the same year he won the Mr. America title.


More recent pic, possibly 10 years ago or so.


One more from a while back.


Really just one more. He's 61 in this pic.

How 'bout we all try to stay in this "lifting thing" for the long haul, eh?


Well..let's not forget all the HRT he's getting.


Likely true. But there's still something to be said for longevity of a dedicated lifter who lifts smart.

Kinda like the Bill Grant thread from way back. Same idea.:

Lifting consistently should be a key part of life, regardless of age. "I'm too old" or "My joints are shot, so I just mall-walk" are unacceptable.


If that's the first thing you think of that's a fairly negative attitude man. That guy spent a liftetime dedicated to the iron and still has the results to show for it well into his "old age", but in reality he looks better than most weight training guys in their 30s.

He put down the foundation(and polish for that matter) when he was young and gets to reap the benefits for a lifetime, hormones or not.


Absolutely awesome. This kind of thing really inspires me. One of my secondary lifting goals is to be bigger, stronger and better-looking at 60 than I was at 30.


Awesome! And if HRT keeps you like that at that age sign me up the moment my natural levels decline.