72 Hour Protein Blitz

When I was younger ( 14-24) and wanted to gain muscular bodyweight, I did the following eating plan over a 72 hour period.

First, I would stock up the fridge on quality proten items such as soft boiled eggs, chicken breasts, swiss cheese, sirloin burgers, and would put all of this in a large tupperware container in the fridge and during the day would snack out of it, at least every hour would eat 2 eggs, or one of the meat items and then at night, would get up and eat as well.

In addition, would eat regular meals, usually big salads and tons of fresh vegetables and maybe some brown rice.

I would also take a high fiber supplement as well.

This worked especially well when I had been training real hard for the previous 4-6 weeks and had hit a plateau.

(This worked especially way over three day weekends, such as Memorial Day approaching soon)

The results, I always achieved incredible solid muscle and strength gains in the weeks following this eating plan.

Keith W.

I’m thinking of trying this as I have been stuck at a weight plateau for about week now. Can anyone give some backup to this plan? Keith, I’m not in the practice of questioning people who are my height and weigh a hundred pounds more about eating…but with all the talk about only being able to utilize so much protein etc…I want to be sure this isn’t overkill.

My plateau buster went like this

On a Saturday

7:30 Get up
Meal: Ice Cream, Protein Powder, Peanut Butter Shake

9:00 Gym Row

10:00 Meal: 9 Eggs, Protein Pancakes

11:00 Gym Squat

12:00 Meal: Huge Steak Salad

1:00 Gym Bench

2:00 Meal: 1 Whole Chicken 1 cup of rice

3:00 Gym Dead

4:00 Meal: Shrimp Burritos

5:00 Gym Shoulders

6:00 Meal: 1 large pizza, 12 buffalo wings, beer

Pass out until Monday