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710 Suited Deadlift


It's ugly and hitched but this is strongman. Competing at nationals oct 18-19. Then planning on setting the NAS deadlift record in December


Awesome lift! Not saying it has any bearing on the lift itself, but how big are you?


I was 195 there. Currently cutting to 175 for NAS nationals


If I didn't know any better I would think that was me Deadlifting haha I have some stupid amazing hitching ability. Awesome pull is that McCanless's Sui?


Lol no I'm the one that suggested he get the suit!! Had mine for a year. Absolutely love it!!


Minus 89.5lbs for use of the suit. Minus 73lbs for use of the straps. Minus 65lbs for not verifying closeups of the weights. So technically you can only deadlft 482.5lbs. Sorry dude


Lol What would we do without people like you


There is 605 no belt straps or suit. I'm sure you can put that to shame


Yeah, but how much carryover do you get from that wicked shirt? (joking)
Both pulls are savage.


Ron burgundy makes me a big deal also lol