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70's Bodybuilders & D-Bol


I have an old family friend that used to lift in California in the early 70's on the bodybuilding scene. He claimed that he and many other lifters used nothing but d-bol and they all gained big time. Anyone with any experience with this????


Most interviews I had read with Arnold and the likes used Deca also....


But at 1/10th the dosage . .w/ NO gH, inject. insulin or thyroid manipulation . . .it still gave these genetically gifted, sponsored athletes a "beating" . . .
In the Pumping Iron DVD w/ the current documentary/ reunion, all are "beaten up" a bit . .
Support your own systems but don't "over ride" them IMHO . . :wink:

these 40 yr old aches from 20 yrs training already speak to me regularly . .

Supplements for maximum health first:
Fish Oils
Greens concentrates
Digestive Enzymes
Magnesium ( google "Calm Magnesium Citrate supplement" )
I also like the joint formula NUTRIFLEX by Naka herbs as a prophylactic to cartilage/ ligament woes

All the best


How old are these guys now?

I think they look better than most there age.


I thought Mike Katz, looked terrible.

Farrigno, looked awesome man. He's still a huge bitch. Unreal.

I loved how these guys pre contest meal was sitting down to hotel eggs and bacon, with toast and oj.

There was no carb loads, sodium depletion compared to today. Those guys looked aweseome.

Favourite scene by far, was the lifting of the car in Italy to get the guy out of the parking space. That's incredible strength!


What most of you don't realise is that food is the most important ingredient. It doesn't matter what steroid you use, if your calories are high enough you will get big.
The same goes for dieting. It doesn't matter what steroid you use, if your diet is on point you will get lean and dry.

This is of course assumed that you know how to train :slight_smile:


Prisoner nailed it on the head...Diet represents ~75% of the equation imo, and the drugs aren't muscle in a bottle.



Mike Katz was already in his late 30's, I believe, when Pumping Iron was made, so I would expect him to look his age.....


ThArnold's favorite was dbol and primo. You guys have to remember that not only these guys are genetically gifted but the lifestyles back in the day were diffrent. Less stress etc.