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705 Deadlift!!!!!!

Accomplished my goal of pulling 705 at this past weekend’s APF Houston Open.

First attempt: Easy 620 almost lost the lift to the judges it because I pulled it put it down so fast.

Second attempt: 705 (320 kilos) for a PR. 3 whites.

Third attempt: Shouldn’t have done it (I never get my third). I tried 715 and barely pulled it off the ground.

I was spent!!!

Videos will follow on you tube. My friend is retarted and doesn’t know how to load videos.

A big thanks to all those who’ve helped my get to this milestone. My workout buddies and everyone who has given me advice in the past. Also, I would never be able to do this weight if it wasn’t for the grace of God. God willing, I’ll pull 725-750 by the end of the summer.


Thats insane. Congrats.

Awesome dude… How old are you and how long you been lifting? How much do you weigh? That is some serious iron leaving the ground there.

good job man.

Excellent lift.

Good job.

Good job man.

I am 21 yrs old and weighed in at 248 at 6 foot 2 inches. Half of my meets I do at 242 and half at 275. I may just stay 275. I have been lifting since I was in middle school. Just stuff from muscle magazines and stuff. Then around my freshman yr of college I decided to go more into strength. My first meet was when I was 20 yrs old, so I’ve only been competing for about 2 yrs.

Meet 1: 600 lb dead (summer 05)

Meet 2: 650 lb dead (spring (06)

Meet 3: 660 lb dead (winter 07)

Meet 4: 705 lb dead (spring 07)

My bench is too shitty to mention and my squat is in the mid to high 600’s. Hopefully I’ll tag 750 this summer both dead and squat. A 400 bench would be heaven.

Congrats! Keep up the awesome work.


Well done sir, you are the envy of all men who can only pick up 400+ lbs (me).

705!!? Great lift. Keep after it.

Approx 2 yrs ago I maxed 435. Don’t give up hope and keep trying!

[quote]dead_lifter5000 wrote:
Approx 2 yrs ago I maxed 435. Don’t give up hope and keep trying![/quote]

that some damn progress!


awesome work. i can help you with the BP if you keep helping me with the dl!


Sounds good Jack.


Nice work there. Definitely throw up a video when you get a chance. Great progress over the past couple of years!

I was there, it was a great lift dude. Nice job!

Thanks Matt! It was nice meeting you. I wish you luck with your training. If you are ever up in Fort Worth, give me a holler. Also, tell your buddy congrats on his lifts again. His squats looked effortless!