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700mg Dbol Solo 3 Week Cycle, No PCT

Halo. My first cycle is done - 700 mg methandienone in 3 weeks, and I am not going to use any PCT drugs as nolva/clomid etc, I will try to bounce back on my own, as I am 19 and I hope I didnt f**k up my hormones and test. I will be doing heavy squatting during my PCT, heavy base exercises, to get my test up, and of course, I strongly follow my diet, I am eating a lot of carbs,protein,calories ( adding a mass gainer consisting of 1.2k cals to my daily meals).

I basicaly added ~7 kg, but I look more shredded than bulky.

So far the gains are amazing, not noticing any side effects, not even water retention, a bit of upset stomach tho ( probably liver issue).

My question is - I’m stopping my cycle today, so , would you reccomend quitting immediately, or lowering the dose for 1 week to 20mg ED ( from40mg), and after this 20mg ED week just go off ?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks, and feeel free to ask any questions about my cycle :slight_smile:

You’re totally fucked. I hope this is a troll post. If it is then bravo. If it’s not then please refer to my first statement.


Holy shit, 700mg dbol… THREE WEEKS… why… would… you even post this, you’re going to get flamed so, so, so, so badly. Why would you even think that a three week cycle of DBOL (of all things) would be a good idea? That 7 kilos you put on, 6kg is probably water and glycogen retention and the other 1kg will be lost when your testosterone levels plummet down to zero for a prolonged period of time. Look, I’m going to explain what you must do, if you don’t use pct, please go get bloods done, if your test comes back absurdly low (which it will), then get more bloods in like six months from now, if it’s still really low, book an appointment with an endo as there is a (albeit small) chance you’ve fucked yourself and will now require trt. If it’s fine, thank ur lucky stars u got away with it and don’t fucking do oral only cycles… or cycle at all until you know what you are doing (sorry if I’m being an asshole, just its stuff like this that gives steroids a bad name and this post annoyed me). Don’t taper off, just stop using the DBOL, tapering will just shut u down for longer.

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In other posts most of people said a 360mg dose was low, so what Is wrong with this 700 mg dose ? And np, be rude, its ok :stuck_out_tongue:

700mg per day? Per week? Over 3 weeks?

IT was actually more like 4 weeks, as I had 4 day rest at week 2. So yeah, 700mg exactly, in these 4 weeks.

Everyone even said 40 mg ED is ok…

700 mg in 4 weeks actually, had a 4 day rest at week 2.

Dude, I took 700 of total in 4 weeks! Is that not low ? I was taking 40 ED …

probably should have lead with that. 25mg / day for 4 weeks doesn’t sound so extreme.

I still think youll be reccomended a PCT though.

Why are these 2 boys writing that I am ucked then ? lol … maybe they misunderstood the dosage…

I was focusing on growing my muscles not getting bloated

Everyone misunderstood the dosage, because NOBODY describes it the way you did.

The standard for describing dosage for injectables is Xmg/week. The standard for describing oral dosage is Xmg/day. I’ve literally never seen anyone say ‘I took Xmg over the course of 3-4 weeks’.

In the future, just say ‘I took 40mg/day for 3 weeks’ or whatever the dosage works out too. MUCH easier to understand.

For the record, I understood what you were saying, I think everyone else could have understood if they had read closer.


So now I am going to give you a critique of your cycle. First off, this won’t work. NOTHING you do in the gym will have a tangible effect on your hormonal recovery. I think you’re an absolute fool to rely on your body to naturally recover, rather than taking the appropriate drugs.

There is also no reason to taper the dose down. When you finish a cycle, particularly orals, just stop them completely.

Finally, as others have mentioned, your gains will all be gone very soon. I’d say 6 weeks at most. This was a worthless cycle. I don’t think you’ve done permanent damage to yourself, but you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about in a couple months, and hopefully you’ll plan your second cycle better. Learn from your mistakes.


Alright man, thanks for answering, I completely agree with you, except, I wont do any cycles anymore, not for me lol, Im a fool I guess/…/.

I threw the lasta 300mgs that I had left out in trash, not completing ( It was supposed to be 1000mg cycle)

out of curiosity, why? you said no side effects, and great gains. what else did you expect from this?

Young, dumb and soon to have no cum. And no 30mg aday is not that much.

Yeah, the dosage was fine now that we know what you actually meant. But you’re still fucked, although marginally less than before. Shutting down your natural production is binary state. You can’t be a little shutdown or a lot shutdown. When you get to zero it doesn’t drop any further. So three weeks was still probably long enough to shut your testosterone production down completely. Without a pct, or even an idea of what you’re doing, I’d say that you will end up worse off than you were before you started.

Out of curiosity can you explain who told you to run your cycle this way?

The way you wrote your post made it sound like you were using 100mg of dbol per day… That’s why I freaked out, that would have been a ridiculous dose. Still, the cycle you ran was far from optimal, even if you did gain 7kg of mass (I don’t think it’s possible, however if you actually gained 7kg of lbm then congrats on the impressive gains). A four week cycle (especially without pct) doesn’t really give the body enough time to hold on to that new mass, therefore it may be very hard to keep. How much stronger did you get? What are your lifting stats before and after?

Also at 19 you really shouldn’t be using steroids unless you have some sort of medical problem (primary or secondary hypogonadism), too young unless you want to be a pro BB or competitive athlete. You will crash when you come off the Dbol as you should be shut down completely by now, say goodbye to normal teenage bodily function for a while, I hope you don’t have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) because she/he isn’t going to be happy for a while.

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eh. yes and no. Yes, it’s true that you can’t drop below zero. But the duration of shutdown and propensity for a full recovery following a cycle does largely depend on how long the cycle lasted. He’s much more likely to recover fully from a 3 week cycle than, say, a 10 week one. I would expect his recovery to start fairly quickly, and be pretty complete, even without a pct, given how ‘light’ this cycle was, and his age. It’s not a guarantee. I would never suggest that. Just stating what I think the odds favor.

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Fair enough. Though I would argue that being a little hyperbolic and putting the fear of God in him isn’t a bad idea, considering how he ran a half-assed cycle without doing any research or even remotely knowing what he was doing.

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I probably would have been inclined to do the same, except that he said already he doesn’t plan to run another cycle. He also mentioned he cut this one off early, the original intention was 5 weeks, not 3.

I’m still curious what happened in the middle of the cycle for him to decide not to finish it, but it doesn’t seem as if I’ll get that response.

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