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700lbs Mom Trying To Gain Weight


Sad, sad story.


â??"Donna Simpson, a single mother of two, is now relying on her 4-year-old daughter (who required 30 doctors to deliver in a high-risk c-section birth) to help her sustain her 15,000-calorie-a-day diet and has enlisted the young girl as her "feeder""


"Donna is at least on the hunt for another feeder to relieve her young child of her duties. The 700 pound woman, whose previous feeder was a 150 pound athletic man, outlined her requirements for a suitor as, "handsome, slim, and at least ten years younger than me."


Wtf is wrong with fat people ?


She should become a powerlifter. She can keep her 15000 kcalories bulking diet, but put it to good effort.
Imagine when she tries to go for squats world record. She'd probably need a custom made rack and 45 spotters.


She wants to weigh 1100 pounds, just her squatting to shit is powerlifting.


You guys wouldn't understand. It's a Jersey thing.


That was something I didn't want to think about. Nightmares incoming...


No the nightmare is how does she wipe?




She relies on her 4-year-old to feed her the 15K calories per day she needs to maintain her in a state of morbid obesity? Funny that if you changed it to read "she relies on her 4-year-old to inject her with the heroin she needs to maintain her state of near-comatose ecstasy," I'm sure Child Protective Services would have that kid removed from the home immediately.

Strange how one suicidal addiction is viewed so differently than another that's just as suicidal. And who's taking care of this kid?


She's 4 and doing all this. She's taking care of herself. By the time she's 8, she will be running her own business (a show involving the earth dweller whale that her mom is).




That's probably true. As it is, if she has to change the 8' x 12' tarp this woman probably uses as a diaper, they should feature the girl on an episode of Dirty Jobs.


She doesn't. She does a handstand underneath a waterfall.


My theory was always a weighted bedsheet and butt floss maneuver.


Men sure like to talk about poop.


Solid 7.

Would pollinate


Bitch knows all about progressive overload. I want to get her thoughts on alcohol consumption.


Y'all are just jelly that she's bigger than you. You have no right talk about her if your biceps aren't over 20inches like hers. Also, she must have trouble buying jeans; her quads must be over 30in. If you wanna get hyoooge like her, better drink a gallon of butter a day and eat your burgers.


Yeah, that kid's growing up normal.