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700lb High Bar for Powerlifting

This sounds good to me.

I can handle some pain in shoulder just not all of it right now!

On a related note, do you bench close grip?

It doesn’t make any difference to my comfort level. But I am significant ly stronger cg than with a wider grip

I bench 3 times a week, one with my competition grip which is ring finger on the ring, one about a fist from the smooth, and one with on finger on the smooth. Overall they are all pretty close for me, I have a 6’11" wingspan so it always keeps it interesting.

As far as shoulder comfort I think close grip can make my impingement worse if I’m not super careful because my shoulder goes into deeper rotation on the bottom, You could try a wider grip even if it is weaker for two reasons, the first its always good to work on weak points, the second is you could find some relief.

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You know what, I think you may be onto something as I haven’t tried to vary grip wider in a long time. It’s either been thumb length from smooth or index on smooth.

I honestly never considered a wider grip shortening my shoulder rotation.

Dead hangs, band pullaparts and widening the grip will start tomorrow.

As long as it doesn’t hinder the 700 squat I’m down lol

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500x1 beltless long pause

225x10 close grip paused


550x5 w/belt
330x3x3 close grip paused

shout out to bigmanfootball, this is the most I’ve benched both weight and reps for sometime without having to really fight through bad shoulder pain.

all down to dead hangs pre bench

Thanl you sir!!

Who are you, again?

That’s a monster squat you’ve got there. What have you done so far to get to this point? How long have you been lifting?

Very strong stuff in here man! I’ll be following along.

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Good deal man, glad I could help you out. Shoulder pain is the most frustrating thing ever!


I also squat with a fairly high bar position. I’ve never cared to move the bar low. It hurts too much, my mobility is garbage. And for strongman, low bar squatting isn’t really as useful as high bar anyway. And plenty of strong squatters use a relatively high bar position these days.

Interesting log
Stretch the pecs hard immediately after sessions with any upper body work…

I’ve really been debating on how I wish to squat. I’m able to manuever between stances and bar positioning, but I’ve always opted for low bar. High bar feels great, and I’m starting think I can get away with a high bar, wide stance. Does low bar put too much strain on your back?

To answer your first question, nobody, just an individual who thinks life is too short to be small and weak!

for the record I don’t consider myself strong lol

Thank you.

Thanks again bigman. Hopefully on the road to a 440 close grip again

I agree totally. While I don’t squat Chinese High bar, It is much higher than a low bar position.

And lessens the pain on bench.

I’ve actually made more progress with a higher position in 3 months than low bar in 2 years.

It works for some and fortunately I’m one of them!

Very interesting

This is exactly how I squat, higher position with a wider stance.

I simply moved away from low bar as it was really hurting my shoulders.

Give it a month and see where it takes you. I do lots beltless stuff too which really forces me to brace hard.

I can pretty much go high bar everyday with less pain.

Now if I can get my bench to start moving again we’re going places

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Beltless high bar

Paused close grip
Beltless SLDL
555x1, 480x5

Kept everything lighter. The goal for today was make sure everything moved fast

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in my opinion, you should squat in the most comfortable stance you can, as longevity is what is necessary to achieve any big goals in powerlifting. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Reed, but he’s a big-time squatter who used to be on here all the time, and used to do low bar, very wide stance. He nearly quit lifting completely because he was so beat up after just a few years of this. But fortunately Amit Sapir convinced him to give a different stance/bar position a try, and he’s been progressing like crazy since then, without pain. He’s squatted over 700 in the 220 class.

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