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700lb High Bar for Powerlifting

Switched to high bar squatting after jacking my shoulder from low bar.
High bar squat


What a joke, as your first post? Wow. I laughed till my insides hurt. This is some people’s last post.

Thanks. But I do not consider myself strong nor in need of an ego boost. Just wanted to record my training lol

And share my addiction for high bar squats!

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IKR. Bro, that attitude. Keep it up!

I love how casually this log began, I was expecting 400-500, then BOOM 620

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Thanks buddy


520x1 ultra high bar beltless paused squat

225x3x5 sets

520x1, 450x5x5 SLDL beltless

Benching with a close grip so slowly working my way back up again.

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You’re much stronger than me (the most recent training session in my log I got 308 x 4 for a lifetime PR) but I gotta say I do love me some high bar. Well more like low high bar. Move the bar down an inch or two and I get some benefits of low bar without destroying my shoulders and elbows.

There’s plenty of lifters who use a low high bar position for comp like Andy Huang who took best lifter at Reebok Record Breakers 2017 amongst a stacked field. I guess with a 600+ squat you’ve been doing pretty well two. Thanks for the high bar for Powerlifting inspo.

Wowwww. Impressive. :open_mouth::astonished::dizzy_face:

Thanks for the kind words.

550x1 High bar beltless long pause

135x30x3sets Bench

550x1 450x6x3sets Beltless SLDL

Shoulder feeling tight so just went for light weight high reps for a bit of loosening out.

Keeping squats and SLDLs fast and explosive


What class are you man?

Strong lifts my man! What are you current bests in the PL lifts? Are you currently competing?

Thanks again!

I compete in the u275 class
Best lifts are 670/440/700

All done in a crap belt and 6 year old knee sleeves lol
I haven’t competed much lately but will def do so again but nothing planned as yet.

Just enjoy training and getting better

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Impromptu high bar 600x1

Felt like ass so figured if this is easy on a very bad day things are looking good

660x1 High Bar

Far from the smoothest but still solid.

360x3 close grip.

Stoll dealing with shoulder issues. Sub scapular shoulder impingement. Any smart folks out there know how to resolve it lol

515x3 5 sec decent 3 second pause ATG high bar, as ridiculous as it sounds

315x5 5 count pause

I also squat high bar because of impingement. Some things that helped my impingement where bar hanging, take a pull up bar and hang off of it completely relaxed for a 30 seconds a couple of times, along with band pull aparts healed mine. Also make sure its actually impingement, in my right shoulder it was and it was fine, left shoulder I got 8 anchors into my labrum and one in my bicep tendon. i’m very interested to see how you’ll do with high bar squats comparatively to low bar.


Buuuuut you have quite a head start and I am not touching anything heavy until March…so I will just watch and learn.

Thanks for the advice bigman. I got it diagnosed by 2 separate physios so I’m pretty certain.

I will definitely try the dead hangs from tomorrow onwards.

Yeah I’m also interested to be fair.

I’ve made more progress in 3 months of high bar than 2 years low bar.

No race Botslayer, if you achieve a 700lb+ high bar within the next few months I have lots of questions!!!

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Yeah the dead hangs are interesting, A surgeon wrote a book that basically stated that he thinks over time you can reshape your CA arch which would open up your sub acromial space and this along with the stretching of the internal rotators would cure shoulder impingement. Im not completely sold on that entire theory, but it does result in a significant reduction of pain so whatever ill do it lol.