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700 Billion with Absolutely No Oversight?

Anyone else raise thier eyebrow when someone asks for 700 billion of taxpayer money and then adds in that there need to be no oversight. No body of law or court of the US is to ever ask any questions or be able to review the handling of this money? I mean if you are planning on using the 700 Billion in a responsible manner, wouldn’t you welcome oversight and review?

I mean you are stepping in to be the hero for the people and save the day right. Shine those lights on me boys, I’ll show you how 700 billion can fix this mess.

Instead we get another Megalomaniac who has absolutely no qualms with asking for 700 billion dollars to control, and says to the people who he is asking it from, It’s none of your God Damn business how I use it. If I throw a few hundred million to my buddies on the side, it’s none of your business.

I mean really, he could literally, take 100 million, deposit it into an international account that he holds personally, and no one would or could ever know. Fuck he could do it with all 700 billion, he could instantly become the richest man in the world, it would be legal? Please let me know if I missed something.


Given the number of US households to be estimated at around 100 million this bailout is costing an average of $7000 per household.

The median household income for 2006 was $48K. At a rate of $7000 per household it would equate to 15% paid in taxes per household.