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70 Yrs Old, Training Input?

BACK… finally to some resistance training after the bug arrived. 10 mos… just the bike rides… many miles per usual. 40,000 logged decade ended Oct '20.

UNDERLINES… some concepts I read per the Darden route. I DID lift hard few yrs back… 5-6 days a week… love it. HIIT in the gym w the sled… favorite. Ropes too. YET… less might well be superior… less inflammation (?).

SO… last 3 weeks… up to now 20 sets every other day… LIGHTER weights to 20 reps. FLY, LEG extension, Semi Incline bench and some curls. Between sets I do loaded carry’s… up to 2 miles now w 50 lbs.

CONSIDERING… M,W,F routine. 12 sets still at 2 mi carry… —> 3 laps vs 2. Some HIIT on the bike followed w ‘lala’ riding I call it… easier pace… say 70 HR zone. My resting is 45.


Are you sure you got this from Darden? This is like a foreign language to me. Ropes and sled? Hiit is very different from HIT. High Intensity Interval Training vs High Intensity Training. Cardio vs Resistance Training. Hate to tell you, brother, but I think you’re confused.

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