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70 Yrs of Age, Metabolic Challenge: 3 Workouts/Week or Only 2?

I am 70 and have been working out once every four days with 30-10-30 and 30-30-30, results have been very good. I am now trying the metabolic challenge, my question is should I be working out three days/week or perhaps only two, with the second workout being the less intense of the two?

I’d do the plan exactly like it’s detailed in the 30-10-30 eBook: Three workouts a week with the middle one 10-30.

I think a caveat to really underline is that the 30-10-30 sets in the Metabolic Challenge are NOT supposed to be to failure. I don’t want to make any assumptions about what you’ve been doing, but I know all my own previous 30-10-30 experiments have me pushing things as hard as possible — usually to the point where I often don’t get the “10” part successfully and rarely complete the final 30!
The progression in the program is adding sets each week and shortening rest periods. And not pushing for extra reps.

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As I’ve said before I have yet to experience not being able to complete the final 30 even if I use a weight that will only allow 3 reps on the 10 reps portion on exercises like pullover, seated row, lateral rise , pull down, curl, tricep extensions, tricep push down to name a few exercises. Is there anyone else on here having that same problem?