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70 Pounds on my Bench in 2 Months

175lbs and 30lbs in chains

Not sure if i should comment on this or not?? Not sure if the poster is wanting a pat on the back or constructive input for possible improvement. :no_mouth:

Drop the chains kid. You’re not ready for them, the weight is shaking all over the place.

When you’ve lost all that nervous energy and thr bar moves like it’s on train tracks then consider chains.

The shaking I believe is due to my weak ass wrist ( I broke my wrist and never healed) wrist strength that causes a bend

I agree drop the chains for a while. You have terrible form your way to loose. You want to lfit the weight almost like a robot. And “pull” the bar off the rack, don’t “push” it. You might want to cut the lip of the rack down a bit so you can “pull” the bar out.

And i have no science for this but heavy dumbell pressing really helped my wrists.

Thanks for your input :+1:

No. It has nothing to do with your wrist.

Ok, well done for making progress.
Now forget about testing/training with 1RM’s until you hit 225 straight weight

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Is it a kid? He has tats but who knows anymore

I’m 21, how should I set my feet either with my flat on the ground or my tip of my toes when Arching my back

Whichever works best for you.

keep learning

Without being sure I’d say you have weak triceps
1.You press towards your face
2.Matt wenning said that usually the wrists bending translates to shoulders being stronger than the triceps and as a result you try to put the bar directly above them

So imo
1.Do a lot fo tricep work
2.Reinforce good habits(Being tight while pressing,not bending the wrists back).You’ll be thankful you did in the future

I get the impression that you are unintetested in advice and are simply using this as an opportunity to share PRs.

If that is the case, there are a few threads dedicated to that which you might enjoy.


Im confused …are you posting for everyone to be awed and inspired? Or are you posting for feed back? Or are you fishing for compliments?