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70 Days To Goal

I have 70 days till a week long vacation in LA. I would like to increase size for a month and then use the velocity diet the last month to cut some fat.
I am 26, 5’ 10", 210lbs. I have a order of Spike, Metabolic Drive, and Surge on the way. Most programs I have read are meant for two to three month rotations. Does anyone know of abbreviated programs? I have read some on other sites, but they don’t seem balanced.

Do you really expect to get worthy gain in 2 months???

Eat clean, alot and often and lift hard and you should get something noticable in the end, but a bulking and cutting phase? I think not.

BTW you better learn how to Dead lift and fast if you want to put on mass in a short period of time.

Good Luck!

I agree with the above on the short time etc. BUT hey might as well try LOL then come back and go for the LONG haul and learn how to really lift eat etc.

Take a look at the Growth Surge Project. Might fit your need.

Oh but gaining like you plan and then doing the V-Diet right away not smart expect to piss away 99% of anything you gain. All the hard work.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for the posts. I realize this is not the way to do things and I am looking for long term. I just want to try to get some quick results before vacation. I then want to come back and work into a building phase. I read an article last night that talks about using moderate cardio in the morning before food in order to capitalize on fasting, testosterone, and cortisol levels due to sleep, I started that this morning.

I am starting with the Beginners Blast Off Program tonight and may or may not stay with that throughout. Also began part one of Tailor Made Nutrition Program. I think with these changes for the next 75 days I may not need to try the Velocity Diet. After two months of this program I should have a better idea of what program would best benefit my needs. Thanks again.


Fasted cardio… http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=835725

read that

What is your current BF%?
and what does your current routine look like?

Wow nice read! Thanks for the link. I am definitely not an ectomorph. My current BF% is around 20% (Waist vs. Heght and Weight). For routines I am starting the program provided by Chad Waterbury in Big Boy Basics tonight, but I have looked at a lot of other programs and am still not sure if this is the right one. While I would like a little more size; strength, form, and just plain better athletic condition are what I would like.


Check this one too:


Thanks for the link to the program builder. I think I need to understand more about the lifts and my abilities before I’ll be able to customize something like that.

After reading the round table on fasting cardio, I?ve added an 18 gram protein shake to chase the Spike down the hatch about 20 minutes before starting. I think I?ll keep it up, at least for a month and then see. I am enjoying the morning work so I?m hesitant to drop it. Because I am taking the Spike at 5:00 in the morning by the time I work out at 7:00 p.m. it has run its course. I have read some threads on stacking it with HOT-ROX which is frowned upon. Am I safe to stack Spike with something after the 12 hours and if so what is recommended that won?t interfere with sleep?

Just to give an idea of strength here?s what I was able to put up last night. DB Flat bench 3x10 with 45?s (just about right); Pull downs behind head 3x10 110lbs (easy); Sitting chest supported rows 3x10 100lbs. (rough towards end); Standing DB shoulder press 3x10 30lbs. (only 7 full reps on last set, two halfs). Any advice or links are appreciated. Thanks


well,are you just running in the morning?cause that might limit your growth.I mean I do interval sprints at 7am and i love them,i was a runner before i lifted and 18 mins of that is worse then a soccer game,im wiped.You might wanna try those.

Since no one else said it I will,since you want to put on size quickly then try readin ellington dardens articles hes posted,the arm/calf one also has a little diddy where you do 4-5 exercises without dropping the bar for a few cycles.and doing the plateu busters and the cycle he has on one of the articles would suit your needs pretty good,the busters are 2 weeks a piece.

      Good Luck with it though

Looks like your on your way, Good Luck!

One thing, careful with behind the neck pull downs, in that position your shoulder is a position where you are suseptible to an impingment injury, the saferway is to have the bar in front of your body.

Morning is low intensity so I do not burn muscle or that is the theory.


Sorry I missed this while skipping through the thread think it is worth reiterating.

"Taking Spike with Other Stimulants and Fat-Burners

I’ve given guidelines for taking Spike with other stimulants and fat-burners. It seems, however, that some people are deadset on ignoring my recommendations and going hog-wild with maximum dosages of everything – all at once!

Let me try this one more time. And if people continue to abuse Spike . . .


So, listen up!

Do NOT take Spike in combination with any other stimulant or fat-burner.

Please, guys . . . I don’t want a handful of overzealous people to be responsible for taking this incredible supplement away from everyone." (Tim Patterson)