70 Contestants at BNBF Central

70 quality contestants rolled up this past Sunday to compete at the BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Central qualifier held in St.Albans England. This was the 4th qualifier this year for the end of season British championships.

After some very close battles in each category, some top quality physiques were awarded with an Invite to the finals. The eventual male overall winner was under 72kg competitor Carlos Dos Santos. He was joined onstage at the end for a final photo with Miss. Physique winner Sarah Meek and Miss. Figure champ KT Coates.

A hard days work for the BNBF crew but a very successful and well run show. I myself was pleased everything went well having put aside my judging sheet for a change and hosted a show for the 1st time.

1 more qualifier to go then its time for the big one the British Final at Glasgow’s reknowned SECC in October.

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Pics and report will be up soon on www.bnbf.co.uk

[quote]BigKoko wrote:
Pics and report will be up soon on www.bnbf.co.uk[/quote]

Even tho I’m in the US and california at that. lol I’ll still check these pics out because I love the sport.

Any of those shows throw out a pro card or two?

Also nice work in your pic man.


The winner of the BNBF British final wins himself a pro card (pro card for miss physique and miss figure winner too). 2000-2005 it was a WNBF card, last 2 years a INBA/PNBA pro card and this year its a IFPA/OCB card. The BNBF will be taking a team to compete at the IFPA Yorton Cup this year.