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7 Yr Old Steals SUV



he smokes with cigarettes


Lol wow.

If my kid had an attitude like that I would paddle his ass whether it's legal or not.


But its fun to do bad things


If it was my car I'd use the Darwin method.




This happened a while back and didn't stop with the SUV.


I'd pay a couple of kids to beat him senseless, because my ass would be locked up if I touched him.

Afterwards, he'd be put on a diet.


Ok, I have to ask, what is QFT?


Quoted for truth.

As for the video, I'd slap that bitch silly. He needs a good asswhoopin'.


Cause I wan do hood rat thangs wit my friends


that kid needs some serious punishment or he is going to end up a real asshole and get someone killed. but he won't get punished and he will end up a teenage asshole stealing cars and getting people killed. maybe he won't but he probably will.


he'll be jail by 16, not his fault though. What kind of parenting is that?


Those remix videos are fucking hilarious!


He's not the only one


It ~IS~ his fault, if he is too stupid to know right and wrong by the time he is 7 then he is an idiot.

And yes his parents should teach him that, and failing that, the schools/cops/law should teach him, but I think we are all agree that someone should teach him or otherwise stop him.


Just kill him, one less fat f*ck potential criminal / drain on society.

wow did I say that?



Ya'll are just now meeting Latarian? This kid has mad his rounds starting about a year ago.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes. This kid has a future!

'my friend smokes real cigarettes.'
'it's fun to do hood rat things with my friends.'

I am sure he thinks he is really badass with all the clips of him on youtube and to other sites (ie T-Nation and others)


It's 'hood rat' and 'smokes real cigarettes'...for accuracey. <-did I spell that right?


For some reason I'd always thought it meant "Quite Fucking True."


No one else can just appreciate this for the comedic gold that it is?

Haha. man, me and my buddies still quote this video randomly... every once in a while you'll hear someone say, "Smokes wit the cigarettes" out of nowhere...

kid's awesome.