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7 Years and Failing; Getting Worse

height: 5’11.5
previous stats (2003): 281LB , waist:42

LOWEST (2007): 190LB-195 but my body had the same structure in the pics but a smaller frame…love handles never went away
BF: didn’t know
waist: jeans 34 slacks: always 36

CURRENT: 212 and I just turned 30!
waist: 36 jeans and slacks: 38

Problem: I’ve lost 91LB at one point and honestly, it was all done when I was when I was entry-level at work and more active(cardio 3-4 times a week). With time, responsibilities grew along with the waist line at at this point I’ve tried many workout routines, diets and with an ON and OFF relationship with the fitness world and gym… I think I’m ready to take my goal very seriously.

I’ve read bodybuilding forums and the V-Diet, I know the rule of thumb for fat loss is 80% diet and a combo of lifting and cardio but looking at my pics can you please suggest what would work best for me given that I CAN ONLY COMMIT to the Gym 3 days a week ! Also, I absolutely enjoy full body workouts.

  1. What is my approx bf?
  2. Given I can do 3x a week(due to work), should I workout high intensity circuit training with moderate or heavy weights?
  3. Diet: What kinda of macro split should I use?
  4. Should I primarily focus on diet and cardio or diet and lifting for my transformation approach?
  5. I’ve read a lot of articles, Body of Fire, HIIT, V-Diet but what would work best for a person who can workout 3x a week at 6-7:30 AM only.


  1. exact bf shouldn’t matter right now, just know it needs to go down.
  2. if three days is all you got than a total body circuit style training might work very well. honestly at this point just doing some sort of strength training in a a good diet would do wonders.
  3. 40/40/20 is pretty standard.
  4. cardio is good strength training is better, and strength training with cardio is best…for fat loss at least
  5. it doesn’t seem like you’ve read enough if you’re still wondering these things, and if you really have than stop reading and do some work.
    good luck

[quote]feint80 wrote:

  1. What is my approx bf?

Too fucking fat. That’s all that matters.

No, you should begin strength training and lifting heavy weights. I am partial to 5/3/1 and Joe DeFranco’s Westside For Skinny Bastards. Both of them can be used by beginners and will start you off lifting heavy and right. And give you time for cardio work in between, which I’m sure you have.

I wouldn’t even worry about that. Just eat BETTER for a month or so. Get rid of all the white bread, pasta, beer, pizza, and all the other shit you’re eating. Eat more fruits, vegetables, chicken, and the like. Plenty of articles here will show you how to eat, but I guarantee you need way more protein and way less shitty carbs.

Lifting and diet. Don’t be a cardio bunny or you won’t make progress.

See above. Go simple, go heavy, and go CONSISTENTLY! Don’t cry about love hate relationships with anything, because you sound like a broad. Go do work and go home.

Listen to fightingirish.

So far this workout is what Im really enjoying and a 40/40/20 diet as mentioned above is what im going to follow-- i guess determination and hard work along with time will tell :slight_smile:

I think I like this and the suggsted diet rcommendation above… il hopefully post pics in 12 weeks