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7 Year-Old FREAK



Seen that kid many times before, but I never realised he was that strong!


There's already been threads on here about this kid too.

Have you seen the documentary on this kid? They show it on Discovery channel every now and then. I don't know why I just called him "kid" because his parents are big pieces of shit and didn't even allow him to be a kid. Do some research and I think you'll agree his dad should be hung in public, by the nut sack.


"I love training. I love it."

He's like a mini borat.


I've scene this many times, the kid is like 15 now. He stopped really training much. I would say his parents are pieces of shit.


I saw a couple of flaws in his workout.

This first thing is he should do a real curl not that halfway down crap u little wuss.

The second thing is he should do some more toothbrush curls. Good God it's called Crest.


Are you saying the kid has rotten chicletes?


No wheels! lol


pretty sure when i watched the documentary, they showed him on stage benching 210 lbs weighing only 70...it was like two years ago but i thought i remembered that


That's old, stop posting shit about him, he's somewhere in his teens now like another poster said.

He's not that spectacular now.


I clicked on this thread hoping it wasn't another Richard Sandrak thread. Oh well...

He's in his teens now and looks like a run-of-the-mill teenager.

For all that hoopla, there were lots of teenagers at my middle school that were more built than this guy is at 13,15, however old he is.


Wikipedia states he's now 15 and only stands 5' 1" .


I know what you mean. He didn't improve.


So can we all agree steriods effect height?


I think the fact that he ate so little to stay ripped while he was a developing boy also had a large effect on his lack of height, it it's not just genetics.


The sad part is that he still has the same trainer since he was a child.


I was lookin the kid up once online and ran across his site and he has some obviously photoshopped pics. His head color doesn't match the body and I don't know any teen that wears jeans as dorky as his or up that high lol