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7 Wks Out from First Show (Need Help)



WTF man, a little word of warning first would have been nice.


Thats my cue, not to click on the video.

thanks for the warning Dan


A step on stage carries with it an implication that the body being presented is the product of years of intense training and regimented eating. Just dieting down to Bruce Lee level doesn't cut it, IMO. You seem to have a decent body shape, but development-wise you are years away from being anything more than a lean skinny kid.


I still clicked it its of him posing that's all its okay click it I dare you.


Triceps are really small, and hamstrings look non-existent.

You look like you're in good shape, but you don't look like a competitive bodybuilder yet.


I'd say he's good for a beginner. He's not a competitive BB by ant stretch of the imagination.

He's got another video where he squats 195 with knee wraps and a belt, for 10 possibly parallel reps. Don't watch that one... seriously don't.


You see the 225 for 7 geared out? lol

Then I saw his shorts and it made sense, baseball player...


Nice pull-ups. Or should I say pu*l-u**. Since they were kindof half I'd thought I'd pull out a few letters to best describe that.

I don't know. I assume there are weight classes and such that you'll be competing in?

You look real lean, and ummmm, fit, and fast and athletic, and functional.

I'm sure with more time and training and eating you'll add size and kick ass (see, a positive comment!!)

Good luck.

Actually, now that I think of it, you look positively LaBuff!!!


No problem man


Nice start. But that's exactly what it is... a START.


looks like a good start, on a side note find a lifting coach who knows how to squat, because it looks to me like your leaning WAY to far forward on that 205x14 video.


Thanks for the crotch view of your pullups...I didn't want to keep down my burger anyway. Seriously though, pretty much all the other posters hit the mains points...nice start but you need to build a lot of mass before stepping onstage AND unless you are onstage I don't think we need to see your ass crack or your balls to give a critique...damn.


After the constructive feedback, I am not doing a show and iwll focus on putting on a lot more weight. As for my the wrap and the gear I wear, my joints were very a bad for a while there. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and had to a pacemaker put in. During the time in there, I lost 30 lbs and it really took a toll on my body. I got out in November weighin 103lb, so weighin 160 is a big deal to me. I am now hitting my squats lower than I have ever thought. I would past a vid of the squats on the next compound movement day for my legs just to prove. But thanks for the feed back.


are you the guy with anorexia Shelby Starnes has been training?


its funny how beginner powerlifters, olympic weightlifter, highland games athletes all get encouraged to compete as soon as possible. The benefits of being at a competition are immeasurable yet a beginner bodybuilder says he needs to put on more mass.


How is that funny?


If all of that is true then props man. Having heard your story though I definitely think you will be much better served by continuing to gain weight. With massive fluctuations in weight like that (obviously outside your control) I don't think it would be a good idea to play around with cutting the weight you've just gained back. You definitely have a good base to build some real mass though, so good luck.

@typhoon's competition comment, I think the difference is that powerlifting competitions are a lot more about technique and figuring out how your body isgoing to respond under pressure, adrenaline, etc.

I don't think the posing and posing routines in bodybuilding are nearly as technical. It's more about how much bigger and well defined you are compared to the guy standing to your right and left. I think Stu can back me up on this because he did his first ever comp. and his size and conditioning were more of a factor IIRC than was the posing which just required him to practice it ad nauseum leading up to the show.

I will agree though that the final week with cutting the water weight and getting as dry as possible is very hard to do without experience, but if you mess that up and you're still a monster it won't affect you as badly as someone who is one of the smallest there and also messed up thier final week.

just my two cents..


Yes I am the anorexia kid that Shelby is training/dieting. Admitting the have a EO was the HARDEST things, but I have come a long ways and I know I am not FULLY over it, but I am moving along pretty good, I think.

Yes, I know I may be wanting to compete too early, but it would be a start. You always hear people say, its better to start early than late. But I am going to try and pack on more size before i compete though


Like the feedback. Didnt want to cuase of this "nonsense" on here and waste some of you guys time. Apologizes for that. We can stop this thread.