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7 Weeks to Peak Between Meets Help

Hey Jim and 5/3/1 veterans.

I would like to ask how I would peak for a meet that is 7 weeks after another meet.

I am 3 weeks out from the first one using the strength challenge to peak, going very well.

I wanted to re-do the last two phases from the strength challenge. I don’t plan on setting PRs or going hard at the first meet, just focused on getting my name on the board with 9 for 9 so I shouldn’t be too burned out. However this leaves no room for a deload week.

Is this a good approach OR should I be taking a week off after the first meet and then doing something different before peaking again with the last phase?

If you aren’t going all out at the first meet, you probably won’t need much time off. 3 singles at each lift doesn’t amount to much volume compared to what most folks normally train at. You’ll have to pay attention to your body, but you should be able to get back after a couple of recovery days (if you aren’t feeling great, you can always just hit your base 5/3/1 numbers with no extra reps that first week and live to lift another day). Even if you take an entire de-load week, the peaking stuff will still work a week short, so don’t sweat it too much.

Don’t worry about peaking too much - personally we just do something similar to Lifer or Never Peak Again. Too many (and I mean the VAST majority of people) fuck up a “peak” for a number of reasons (one of them is, of course, 12 weeks of horrible training). So train smart and realize that a peak does not a meet make - being strong as fuck does.