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7 Weeks to 100 Pushups


so, i picked this book up the other day, and am gonna give the program a try, as i have a PT test coming up.

anyone else hear about this book, or try it out?


You shouldn't have bought that book, now what will you do if someone puts out a book titled '6 Weeks to 100 pushups'?


or like the old MM2K program "add 40 lbs to you bench in 6 weeks?"

yeah, crappy program....only added 55lbs for me (to a total of 360 at a 180 bdywt).....


why not just keep doing as many pushups as you can do until you keep increasing it? I dont think buying a book is necessary but to each his own. What PT test do you have coming up?



Army PT test


i coulda swore this was my original question....nevermind.


If you can do more than 20 right now and it shouldnt take 7 weeks. Fuck sake its only push ups. Unless you're mad fat which i assume you likely arent as really fat folks dont typically sign up for the military unless its air force.



Is the goal to do 100 good push-ups as a single set? I'm thinking that's a hell of a goal.

If it's just to do 100 crummy push-ups with your head hanging down so you don't have to move as much, you can do it in a month. hehehe.

Seriously though, what is the goal?


I dunno dude, you might have 'over-thunk' that purchase. There's plenty of free info out there on how to boost your PU rep-count.

30-40-50-60-50-40-30 with 60-90 seconds rest in between. Or try six sets of 50 with same amount of rest. I dont buy the multiple sets of 20 or 25- you get really good at only doing 30 or so pushups before your first rest, and then... pffft

I'd be interested in hearing what the magical 7 week program says.


thanks for all the commenting, but i really was just asking if anyone had heard of it, or knew anything about the book or program.

obviously i already bought the book, so needless critiquing is a little pointless right now.


Didn't buy it but have heard of it. I think it's designed for those who are pretty weak to begin with. I imagine being in the ARMY you can crank out a pretty respectable amount as is. I would like to know how you progress on it. I've never trained for it but always thought it'd be cool to be able to crank out a straight hundo woth no breaks. My max is in the mid 60's. Where are you at now?


where are you at right now? a 360 bench at 180 to me sounds like you should at least be in the in the 70-80 region, unless you've really never trained them.


well, that's kinda what i was thinking....i'm kinda out of shape, and can really only get about 60 pushups in 2 minutes (not consecutive, either).

i wish i could post more of the book for those of you that are interested, but it's basically a progressive template based off your current consecutive max.


100 push ups (with good form) in a 2min time is a respectable goal. It sounds like you are trying for Rangers or SF if you are going for time. Army boot camp requirements are not that tough, 20reps a set is what they do in basic. 7 weeks is a reasonable time to achieve that goal with any generic program. Even if you did Chad Waterbury's "100push ups and 50pull ups a day" deal you would get to your goal.

The perfect push up has a system vaguely similar to the "7 weeks.." book. Either way the perfect push-up is a damn good product and will advance your push-ups quickly on any program. I'm sure there are plenty of ppl who dislike the perfect push-up but it does work. I help train a handful of kids getting ready for specwar a year and it works for everyone of them. However, don't forget about the pull-ups. You should be doing 20 or close to it.


Are you lifting? I do push-ups really irregularly and can pop down and get sets of 50 no problem. I imagine if you just focused on a few high rep sets of push-ups damn near daily you'd get your numbers up way fast.


when on holiday away from the gym i normally do 100 a day. I'm surte the guy who wrote the book knows more than me, but if you try and do 10 a minute after 10 minutes you've done them on the first day. For the next few days try for 20 a minute until you can get it, and then go on like that, until your just doing it one set.


A program called add 40lbs to your bench in 6 weeks? Where can I get that? How much does it cost?


It looks like the essentials of the program are fully laid out on the authors website with a
3 day a week 5 set progression over the 7 weeks.

The book may not add a whole lot more.


People can say what they want about that magazine, but they had some great training articles, and the one you mention was the best by far.


You had to send away for it back in the day(late 90s), from MM2K. I still have my copy on my bookshelf. Was definitely a good program, I made good gains using that.

www.joeskopec.com/programs.html has a spreadsheet calculator for that program "Add 50 lb", to just plug in your 1RM and it does the rest. If you need a full explanation of the program, you will have to google it, since the link on that page to the explanation doesn't work.