7 Weeks Post Op - Umbilical Hernia

i have been back to my weights…building back to my typical weights. i am just nervous with going heavy with squats and deadlifts which i typically do. sumo deads i was able to do 185 pound for 8 for 2 sets and i am sure i can get 225 and 275 with my strength. its just im nervous with putting too much pressure with my abs. the valsalva maneuver is what i am trying to keep it better with the inhale with the eccentric and exhale with the concentric time.

squats are at 225 for sets of 8 to parallel.

i do not use a belt and im not sure if that will do anything good with keeping pressure my trunk.

anyone with the same typical surgery?

i had a umbilical hernia and they did not use the screen! it is basically tied down with the 3 pieces of the tear.

Man take it easy. Just stick with light reps for now. I know your a power house but add more reps to your sets. You just had surgery. Give it some time.

Mine was repaired with a small piece of screen. I waited five weeks to start lifting again. Worked up to heavy, for me, weights over the next few weeks. That was two years ago and I’ve been improving my max lifts with absolutely no problems. Good luck.