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7 weeks Out and Dealing with Injury

I’m competing in the USAPL Central FL championships in July, but I’m dealing with an injury.

Recently, I was having problems with my knees, and left shoulder/upper bicep leading up a mock meet, which I ended up not doing. I took 2 weeks off, and saw an ortho. He is suspecting something going on in my shoulder (possible labrum tear) that is causing me some bicep tendinitis, and wants an MRI. He also prescribed me some anti inflammatories, and some exercises, which helped my knee (along with switching from Oly shoe to flat shoe), but not really my shoulder. The problem with my shoulder is when I squat. I get debilitating pain in the bicep and down my arm, so I widened my grip. This seems to help a little, but I notice that it still gets achy, and makes benching not feel all that great.

So like I said, my meet is 7 weeks from today. I haven’t competed in 4 years because of school, work, and also a surgery for my hip. I was really wanting to do this one, but it’s looking like I may have to wait again. Basically, I’m just seeing if anyone has a suggestion to help with my shoulder. The only thing I can think of is using a high bar position, and keeping my same stance (slightly wide), so basically a hybrid stance. Any thoughts?