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7 Weeks on TRT, 100mg Once/Week. Peaks and Valleys?

Guys, just looking for some feedback, from your personal experience. I’m still waiting to do bloodwork at the eight week mark. My question is regarding the peaks and valleys. I inject 100 mg test E, every Wednesday. So once a week injection. I don’t have SHGB numbers yet, but calculating based on the low-end total testosterone, and low Free testosterone,I’m assuming my SHGB is around 35 or higher.
I feel normal from Wednesday to Monday, then high libido for a couple days, and then back to normal. I am not feeling any lows at all. So I feel good, super good, them good again. What do you guys make of this? If there are high peaks shouldn’t there be low lows too? Am I metabolizing the testosterone very very slow? As opposed to guys who injected every other day? Zero signs of high E2.

We know levels peak in 24-48 hours, so after 3 days your levels are higher and therefore libido is higher, then levels decrease and libido decreases. I had the same problem injecting once weekly, levels were swinging.

You want to feel super good all of the time, then you must inject twice weekly. No need to pay attention to SHBG numbers, your levels are clearly swinging enough to cause issues with consistency.

Normal may be super high libido, what you keep referring to as normal is your low point or trough. Your libido may very well end up somewhere in the middle of super and what you call normal on twice weekly injections.

As it stands now your body is failing to reach balance and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if these swings got wider with more time, meaning less relief after each injection as your body falls further out of balance.