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7 Weeks on Testogel. Stop Before Next Bloodwork?

Hi T-nation,

Didn’t know in which forum section to put this as it’s touching the fine line between TRT and general advice.

Starting off, 25y/o and about 2 years ago i measured my T levels as i was constantly tired, my mind was hazy 24/7 and i made no gains even though i was fresh to the gym (really shattered my motivation as i trained pretty intense during these 8 months). No need to mention my TDEE, protein intake etc… had that all calculated correctly to a viable degree.

Ended up taking bloodwork and landed on 346 ng (12nmol/L) which was completely normal for a dude my age according to my doc.

1 year passed and i descided to search for help again. 11 months in, 5 bloodworks done and MRI of the Thyroid. Latest test came back at 7 nmol/L with normal LH FSH values which is below the reference value.

Now I recently started to self administrate Testogel because i just couldn’t wait anymore. 7 weeks in and my sex drive is as it used to be when i was 20, mind is sharper, made my first noticeable gains in the gym and i actually have energy to do everyday normal things.

Here is where i need advice… i got another blood test coming up at the end of this month but i am not sure if i should stop the testogel cold turkey, hop on a low dose of Nolva hoping to hit the fine line of 7-8 nmol/L again which will maybe provide “official” treatment or keep going the self administrating route. What holds me back is the unnaturally lowered FSH, LH and test levels that will obviously show up on the bloodwork.

What would you do in this situation?


I was actually in the same situation but a little older than you. Numbers came back just into the “acceptable” range so the doctor would not do anything. Decided to self administer 150mg a week of test which brought my level up and made me feel great. Fog and tiredness gone. Went into the doctor and told him what I did and convinced him to get his head out of his ass. Am now in the progress of getting script and going the legal route. Waiting for some bloodwork to come back and I should be all set. I will most likely not be able to get it covered by insurance but at the end of the day it’s a small cost for improved quality of life.

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Thanks for the reply and great to hear that you are on the way to get a script.

I wonder if stopping the gel a few weeks ahead of time and then playing dumb about LH/FSH, etc would work. Your levels would certainly be low then at least. It’s so dumb that people have to play these games to get treatment, it makes my blood boil.

Thanks for the reply and good advice. As my T in the latest lab result was slightly below reference value and i still got no treatment it makes me have doubts about getting any help at all. But might try that route.


It may not even be about your levels, a lot of docs refuse to prescribe TRT out of fear.