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7 Weeks into Cycle, Strange E2 Levels


I am currently 7 weeks into a 12 week blast cycle of 500mg Test C per week (off a cruise of Nebido shot every 8 weeks)

I have been struggling for the last 3-4 weeks with low libido and low energy levels in the gym and out. I have also been retaining some fluid. AI dose started at 0.5mg EOD but when these symptoms started I made an assumption of high E2 (based on the large increase in Test dose primarily, along with the symptoms) and I increased dose to 1mg M/W/F three weeks ago.

No improvement in libido or energy so had some bloods done yesterday. Total T was >1500 but E2 was <5 so a real surprise to find that in fact instead of high E2 it was super low.

I have had low E2 readings from this lab before when I was starting TRT (2 readings <5) but then the third test showed 22 pg/ml and no T increase.

I am certainly feeling low energy and low libido still and also fairly dry skin so have stopped the AI and will re-evaluate by looking at MW in 7-10 days.

I am still struggling to understand how E2 can be so low despite 500mg of T for 7 weeks.

Does anybody have any insight into what might be happening here - can somebody be predisposed to low E2 levels regardless of T level increases? I would very much appreciate any insight into these readings and what they might mean so that I can get these hormones balanced and get my high libido backā€¦