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7 Weeks In, Doctor Wants to Lower My Dose

Been taking trt for 7 weeks now. 200mg / week over two injections so .5 twice a week.

Blood work
1281 = Total Test
31.3 = Free Test
89.7 = Estradiol
45.6 = Hematocrit

The prescription stated .3 twice a week but I swore he said on the phone 200 or .5 per week. Didn’t read the viol until a month after taking .5 so I stayed with it.

Will I feel a major difference going down to .3 or 140mg per week vs 200mg per week, or should I find a supplier?

I feel amazing and have no side effects.

The way I would look at it, if you accidentally stumbled on the dose that works best for you, and it’s not something crazy (which it is not), I would not mess with it.


.3mL twice a week is 120mg, and you’re probably gonna be a little different dropping from 200mg, but ask your doc to reassess in another 8 weeks if 120mg is too low. He might bump you back up.

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This is the goal of anyone going on TRT, mission accomplished. It would appear your doc goes by the numbers to gauge treatment success.

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They want me at .3ml and won’t refill the script until week 16. So there will be 5 weeks I’ll have to go without any test. I asked if I would feel less great than what I do now and he said that I would. I don’t want that shit! I figure if I am paying to have a greater quality of life, then I should have a say in that. Not sure what to do now.

I’m gonna disagree here with the prior posters. If you truly had low T to begin with than 120mg a week would likely still have you feeling ‘well’ but we can’t confirm that as you didn’t follow protocol. Assuming normal labcorp units and ranges (you did not post them) you are above range in TT, FT, and E2. Your ideal dose is likely somewhere between where the doc wants you and your mistake dose.

If it were me I would tell my doc what I did on accident but discuss the results. Tell him you feel good and that you think 120mg/wk is too low but see the need for a lower dose. Maybe he will extend your script at say 160mg/wk. If not, you could find a new doc or try his protocol. There are TRT clinics on every corner. Most WILL write you the 200mg/wk but despite with many on here tell you its not necessarily in your best interest.


There are TRT clinics on every corner but most charge minimum of 2K per year. Test is very cheap. Even without insurance most can buy a years worth of test for under $200. Throw in 2 labs and a doctors visit and you are still well under 1K even if you pay for everything yourself. I went the clinic route but as soon as my test runs out I am going to try to find a doc to prescribe.

Based on the way test is dosed I assume even if the doc prescribes 120mg per week there will be test left over. Just take more and next time you do your labs skip a shot so you will be lower when you get your labs drawn.

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I am all about that! Just need to find where to buy some test and in two weeks before I run out.

Valid point but you are throwing in a third scenario that’s not part of the discussion. I could buy UGL for dirt cheap but I don’t think most people want to go that route. Also most people lack the basic knowledge and resources to self prescribe.

This is a way to cheat the system sure. Again, I don’t think that’s wise for the average user. It makes your labs basically useless as they never give you an accurate snapshot. To each their own but IMO the average responsible user should first get themselves dialed in on an honest protocol with their prescriber.

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I do want to go that route. What do I need to do? I just cannot go 5 weeks not feeling great like I do. I understand my blood work and am pissed off that I paid this TRT dr and he isn’t playing ball.

He knows you are going to run out but won’t extend your script? Your case sounds like an honest mistake. I’m surprised he won’t write you for a small extension refill on at least his prescribed protocol. Legally, your only choice is to find another doc and fess up. I would be apt to do this anyway if the original doc is just going to leave you hanging.

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I def won’t re-up with this guy but he is paid until Dec. He would not refill me to keep me going and basically told me to pound salt. I am willing to drop to .3 and keep it there for a while but I’m not willing to go 5 weeks dry.

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Blood work before TRT
265 Total Test
8.1 Free Test
<5.0 Estradiol
46.9 Hematocrit

I told the Dr I would follow the .3 and that it was an honest mistake. No dice. I’m shopping around now for another clinic.

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Primary care Drs usually wont give you 10 ml expecting you to throw out excess. I was litteraly rx 2ml per month for 100mg weekly. I called defy a couple days later. Its great if you can get cheap test through a Dr but you pay the extra for telemedical for the higher levels and understanding. Sounds like you got hooked up with a douche because the DEA is giving Drs all kinds of leeway right now. Early refills. Double refills. I go through defy and the test is expensive like 120 10ml but i onky have 2 consults a year for $90. They dont waste my time if I dont need it. Last call was like 6 minutes. My labs go through insurance and are 100% covered. I dont mind paying the extra to make my own rules

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I don’t mean to toss around “sources” but you can pretty much google “domestic steroid sources” and find forums and stuff that review different sources, etc., you’ll have to do your own research on what’s legit, etc. There are plenty overseas but if you’re going to be out in 2 weeks then you def want something shipping from the US.

The problem, IMO, is more that the dosages aren’t super consistent, there’s a study around here somewhere where lots of different UGL sources were purchased and they mostly were T, but lots of them were a different ester or a different dosage than stated on the label. Test isn’t usually faked because it’s pretty much the cheapest thing to make and is dirt cheap… so there’s no point in faking it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be exactly what you think it is.

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This is a good decision. Find one who does not focus on numbers and ranges, which have changed over the years by the way.

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I know there are so many scams out there. A buddy of mine was scammed from an Instagram account so I’m not looking to have to sift through all the scams to find one legitimate source. If I knew a guy that would be one thing but until then, ill just have to find the right clinic.

On the other side of the coin, you might have no bad reaction to it. I recently felt like I messed up by lowering my dose on purpose but have been having more libido and have been very focused on my work. I kinda figured I would lower it since Covid has had things upside down for some time.What has me thinking is, The motivation to work out has been diminishing. Gotta change that shit. So lets see if going from 175mg to 140mg/wk is ideal.

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My Dr is in California and I’m in Florida. I’ve never been to his office. We do it all over the phone and it’s been great. He’s all about giving you the dose that makes you feel good and his practice are extreme experts in everything. They know exactly what to do and what not to do to make TRT safe. The problem is most doctors don’t know enough about TRT or how the body works in general and they’re too scared to mess up so they tend to play it safe and lower doses without really knowing if it’s bad for you.

My Dr gives me is 200mg a week. He’d probably give me 250mg a week if I asked him and my blood work looked good on 250mg a week. But I only use 175mg a week and I split them in daily shots of 25mg a day.

Just get a new Dr. IMO

Sounds exactly like the Dr I need to talk to. Would you mind sharing his number in email?