7 Weeks in 5/3/1 BBB

I started this program in hopes of getting my main lifts up to a respectable level. I started with my 1RM for Press - 195, Squat - 345 (I never failed above this but never felt comfortable going heavier), Bench - 325, Deadlift - 475. I never was too concerned with the numbers I lifted but this program really has gotten me focused and using them as motivation. Only using the mirror as a judge has not been a smart move for me and I feel this has been a major change in my mindset.

During the first week I was thinking the program was pretty easy and the 5x10 BBB @ 50% wouldnt be enough of a challenge. I started thinking maybe I should have increased my starting numbers. Well I am glad I didnt. Bumping up to 60% was a challenge in week 4, but by the end of week 6 I was handling it much better and felt much stronger.

During week 6, I worked up to 1RM PR for each lift and am happy to say every lift has greatly increased. Press - 210, Squat - 405, Bench - 345 and Deadlift - 545.

Im looking forward to the next 6 weeks after this weeks deload. At that point I will figure out whats next. Im gonna keep eating big and hoping to get stronger and bigger.

Thanks Jim, great program.

Nice work.

Watch out for that temptation of resetting your weights based on your new PRs.

[quote]tsantos wrote:
Nice work.

Watch out for that temptation of resetting your weights based on your new PRs.[/quote]

Yeah the thought had crossed my mind but I know better andI’m scared of being mocked by JW

Great progress and thank your for believing in the program.

I have addressed the “change the TM based on PR” so many times. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE ON MY BLOG ABOUT THE TRAINING MAX - WRITTEN BY KEVIN DEWEESE. It explains everything.

Once again, as you progress with the program YOU WILL REALIZE that the TM has nothing to do with your strength.

Thanks. Found the article