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7 Weeks Before European's Eup

Hello everyone,
i’d like to write up a bit about tre last day training for the first international competion of a 23yold powerlifter.
Just like a log, that could be interesting, as the Sheiko training methods has become a hit in this days, and we use it till some years.

monday 7 july

squat raw (% of geard max) 50%x4, 60%x4,
wraps 70%x3
suit straps down and light wraps 80% x2x2s
suit and light wraps 90% x1x2s

benchpress with light (very light) bands (%rawmax) 70%x3x2s, 75%x3x5s
Box squat (%raw max) 70%x5x2s, 75%x4x2s
military press 5s x 6r
dip with weight 5s x 6r

wednsday 1 august

dedlift on blocks (%compmax) 70% x2x4s
benchpress raw 80% x3 x6s
chin up (lat muscles) 5s x 8r
Deadlift (%compmax) raw 70%x3x2s
suit down 80%x3x2s
suit down 85x1x6s
goodmorning with ligth dumbell 5x10

friday 3 august

front squat 70%x2x7s (%rawmax)
raw 50x5, 60%x4, 70%x3
shirt 80% x2x2s
shirt 90% x1x4s
80% x2
chest muscles 5x10

saturday 4 agust

the seller send us a 1 size less squat suit, but we have to try it the same, beacuse it’s too late.
so today insted of doing the lighter workout of saturday we test the suit with 95%.
At the same we compare the inzer wraps with the thp, crushing my head against the wall to understand wich to use for the meet.
70% x1 only wraps
80% x2x2 suti down (big difficult to go down under parallel)
90% x1
95% x1x2s tight wraps, very hard to go down

inclined benchpress 5x5
lat muscles 5x8

monday 6 august

Squat raw 50%x5, 60%x4x2s, 70%x4, 75%x4x2s
benchpress (compmax) 50%x5, 60%x3, 70%x2,
shirt 80%x2, 90x1x2s, 95% x1x2s
parallel bar dips 6s x 5r with weight
triceps 5s x 8r
hyperextension 5x10

Little difficult to tuch, good speed.

Can you elaborate on who the lifter is please?

I’m looking forward to following this log. Can you give us an idea as to the level of the lifter, such as weight class, previous best lifts.

How are you deciding on the %'s for the geared lifting? It seems like most people have trouble determining these.


PS- I’ve enjoyed your discussion with Eric Talmant over at EliteFTS, it is interesting to follow the conversation of two people well versed in Sheiko training.

I’m looking forwrad to seeing how equipment and sheiko tie together…

hi ado, i didn’t know that your writing here too.

who’s this guy?

Hi everyone. Hi baiolo. He is Alan, that is training for IPF WEC. Wec is an european cup, (not the european championship), and it it open to all western european lifter.
He is a tipical KMS, 23 years old, under IPF rules has done 508lbs 286lbs 555lbs at a bodyweight around 160.

i go along with program:

wensday 8 august

test for deadlift

raw (geard%max)
suit down 80%x2
90%x1, very easy 100% x1, faild in lockout.
I try to put to him light knee wraps, this will help him in the starting position, beacuse we just switch from classic to sumo style, and we hadnt enought time to buy (always a problem, always sellers makes childy problems) a sumo suit. So with our metal viking for classic a good round of wraps will help a lot. Sadly when he arrives at knee level the wraps cause (i dont know the word in english “attrito” baiolo help me) with hand and made the movement slowing and stopped him. Raw strenght was very good.
incline benchpress 6x4r
parallel 5x6r
abs 5x10

Friday 10 august

Squat (%maxgeard) 50%x5, 60%x4,
wraps 70%x3x2s,
suit down 80%x3x4s very hard to manage new suit

continue friday 10 august
bench press raw (%rawmax) 70%x3x2s, 80%x3x2s, 85%x3x2s
dumbell press 5x10
latissimus dorsi 5x8
seated good morning 5x8

saturday 11 august

seated barbell press (military?) 6x4
incline benchpress 5x5
seated row 5x8
Deadlift till knees (%geardmax) 70%x3x5s last rep closed.

monday 13 august

now it’s the last week before vacation, so we need to increase a little bit the volume, even it’d be not so good in this period.(and we must escape a bit form the original format) But the chances to find a good gym overthe ocean to find the way to train for powerlifting are very very low. so:

Benchpress volume marathon (benchpress is always made with external pause- like in ipf contest), this is a huge fuel for increasing power (explosive strenght)
70%x4x4s with bands
70%x3x4s close grip with bands, no pause
squat (%gearmax) 50x4, 60x4x2s
wraps 70%x3x6s
parallel 5x5
dumbell 90° press 5x10
good morning standing 5x5

After the big marathon we need to reduce the volume of the press for the next 2 week. At this point we have 2 solution: lighter bp or focusin on other exercise, (very closer to the banchpress) always in a lightweight.
This change from athlet to athlet.

12 august
Deadlift (%gearmx) 70%x3x2s
suit 80% x1 x15 (thanks wade hooper)
Closegrip benchpress 75%x2x6s
dumbell press 5x10r
chins 5x6 in place of Deadlift from boxes (too tired, not a pro)
abs 5x10

good stuff!

thanks Jack, i appreciate.

16 august

Squat (%maxraw) 70%x4x2s, 80%x2x6s
Benchpress (%maxraw) 80%x3x5s
dumbell press (various inclination) 5x10ù
french press regular bench grip (81cm) 5x8
box squat (%rawmax) 70%x4x2s, 75%x3x3s

17 august

Deadlift till knees (last closed) 70%x3x5s
push press 5x3r
incline benchpress 6x4r
latissimus dorsi 5x8
goodmorning seated 5x6 very light.

next week the lifter will go for vacation, so i could only “hope” that he will follow the program.

Now is coming the hardest part of the work for lifter and also for coach. You always be afraid of doing too much, or doing too few, rest too much, rest too few.
Being engaged in Sheiko training help me a lot in that way (peaking for the meet) but i got always in my mind that Most of the Sheiko’s lifters are also the Strongest powerlifter of the world, with

a- monster genetics b- monster time (they are some kind of pro) c- they could lift quite every day in meet equipment.
this could explain why some pre-contest program of B.I.Sheiko appear so “light”.

week 20- 25 august.

The power-word is= do what you want. The athlete must do what he think he would need, without stress in any case. (but if he feel right to push/pull very heavy it means that his body demand that.

Remember the training of Vladimir Volkov who go to the gym (he only bench press, and he do it as one of the best benchpresser of the world) and do what he feel that day. (everythink below 5 reps, for sure). That’s one of teh greatest idea of weight training. Ormonal level have many links with external humor (i dont know the right word in english).

[quote]Sadly when he arrives at knee level the wraps cause (i dont know the word in english “attrito” baiolo help me) with hand and made the movement slowing and stopped him.

friction…i think

ot for baiolo:
baiolo have you ever dinner at “i capricci di marion” in Tuoro sul trasimeno?? One of my favorite restaurant, (very good “castello di magione” red wine), and it is very close to your home. (may be a little too “fighetto” for you, but it’s wothy).

love your town, next week i came friday night with friends.

about friction i mean the desire of training is very linked with how you shuold train. So training in a complete freedom of feeling ( we are speaking of a benchpress ipf world champion, for sure he dont come in gym and pump up abs and bi’s) in a perfect world, with a perfect athlet is the perfect training regime.