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7 Weeks and No I, Bodybuilder?


Where is this thing? They said it'd be out in six weeks... it's been 7.

Can we get an update so I can plan on whether to replenish my stash of Casein Hydrolysate elsewhere?


I believe they actually said "at least six weeks". No big deal really. Dont bank on some program you really know nothing about.


I'm not banking on the program. I simply plan when and what supplements I need to buy. Casein Hydrolysate is one of those.

I certainly don't fault Biotest for not being spot on with their timing... shit happens. But right now there is another company who is making a ton of money and getting lots of publicity with their Casein Hydrolysate product, solely because of information released by Biotest. I don't like that. I'd prefer to give the business to Biotest, who were the ones who put out the info on how to use this stuff.


This is not directed at Professor Chaos, but site members in general.

Go on with your lives people, keep training hard, eating right, and if and when this comes out, then you can decide if this is even for you.

Things on this grand of a scale can get delayed, just accept that.

I'm going to go do squats.


I already got my Anaconda in the mail.




I'm guessing this program would be for people that can bench about 315, squat 405 and deadlift 450+ and have at least 2 years of regular training under their belt?

I can't say I'm not tempted to do it, but I've only been training properly for about 7 months with 'decent' strength levels.

I hope they specify.


They are probably working on editing the videos.


Hope so!


I'm also looking forward trying it, just keep hitting the weights brotherz, eventually it'll come up. LOL @ MODOK's.


Oh yeah, also you have to be eating and supplementing right to say the least. Some say it's just pure marketing, but those who have used some hardcore supplement stacks know they can give you an edge.


I want a program that makes me feel like I am CAHMING like AHNOLD.

Although I am interested in how he approaches recovery with regard to frequency, as opposed to CW's next frontier where you sack up and do a little less volume twice as much, then chill for a week.


While waiting around you'll end up losing about 27lbs of muscle, so the trick is the muscle memory. Brilliant.


I think you also have to be Canadian to get best results on this program. I would live there at least a year prior to starting.


Thibs has talked about this a lot in his forum, this project is a HUGE undertaking for the people involved so naturally it will take a long time. They actually did all the workouts they filmed so if I read correctly they are just now finished or finishing the filming, then there is the editing and all of the other computer work that goes into a "super program" that needs to be finished.


as said Tim Patterson is editing the videos, which btw used 3 cameras so that's gonna be a bitch.
Probably looking at early-mid Oct if IIRC what CT said


Well said.

I'm going to eat. Again.


LOL actually it would be ok for me if the program comes late, I'm finishing a cut right now so my performance isn't my all time best.


I'm am waiting as well......looking forward to it. CT put out good stuff.


same here, unfortunately finances probably won't allow me to take part in the supplement program