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7 Ways to Get Jacked With Olympic Lifts


Hi CT,

Would you mind looking over my plan based on the above article you wrote?

I’d like to work on:

  1. Athleticism
  2. Strength
  3. Build (my goal is to be leaner than I currently am)

In the above order. Tuesday is sort of an odd ball compared to the other days and I’m more than open to suggests from you or anyone.



Too much high intensity work. Going to an RM is almost as demanding as doing a true max. And 6x3 after the RM is too much. You can do it for 3 weeks, but after that you will need 1-2 weeks of easier training.

Also I absolutely cannot comment on your choice of exercises, especially in the olympic lifts because I do not know your level of mastery nor where your weak points/technique breakdown areas are. Without seeing you clean and snatch, I cannot comment on your choice of exercises.

I cannot give you a pat on the back because depending on how good your technique is in the olympic lifts it could be a good or a very bad program… for one thing the only people who should EVER work to an RM on the olympic lifts are those with VERY solid and stable technique. The other thing is that depending on your technical efficiency, different variations of the olympic lifts might be better than the ones you made.


Thank you CT. I am very much a beginner in Oly lifting and my technique is okay at best. It needs a lot of work. I will drop the ramping sets altogether. I’ll probably just scrapthe whole thing actually. I’d like to learn the oly lifts, but I’d also like to continue to get stronger. I don’t care about weight class or size really.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond.



Yeah a better approach would be to build a program without the olympic lifts and include some practice sessions for them, either at th beginning of your regular workouts or on their own days. I would definitely recommend getting some coaching by a qualified olympic lifting coach. Even a single session where your technique is assessed would do wonders.

Trying to learn by yourself can lead to technical flaws that might end up being impossible to correct in the future.


Nobody “not care” about gaining more quality size, regardless of what they say.

If for some reason you wake up tomorrow with 15lbs more muscle… would you really cry and ask God to take it back?


Lol, well of course not. I just meant I don’t compete in anything so a weight class is not a primary issue, but, yes, I’ll take those 15lbs of muscle!


I have been enjoying training using one of the other protocols you wrote about (adding 100lbs to deadlift or something like that) so I’ll stick with that for now. I’ll add a few easy technique sets to the beginning of the 4 days.

Thanks again, CT. I’ve always enjoyed your insight!

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I’ll also look for a coach around here.