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7 Things You Need to Dominate Crossfit


Hi coach, I was re-reading your article 7 things you need to dominate Crossfit and I was wondering if you have considered writing a workout here that takes those points into play? It would be great to see how you’d lay out a training plan for improving in so many different strengths. Thanks


Here is the thing: I don’t write theoretical programs.

I might come in as a shock but if you browse the internet most of the workouts you will find in articles are often programs that the author has never used with himself or clients. He only created the program to illustrate the concepts explained in the article. This is fine I guess but since there are a lot of difference between theory and reality it doesn’t always turn out good.

I personally only write about programs that I either done myself or used with clients and know that they work. So no, I cannot write a program just to show how I would program all these things together.

When I work with Crossfit athletes I only work on the strength and Olympic lifting elements. I do not program skills or conditioning work. As such I will not write an internet program that I am not 100% sure will be great because it as never been done by anybody.


That makes sense. Thanks for your response.