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7 site body fat chart

does anybody know of a web site that has the seven site ISAK body fat chart.
i need to convert the total sum of skin folds into a body fat percentage

Here’s a good one at T-mag (not sure if this is what you’re looking for or not)- www.testosterone.net/nation_articles/209body.html

Rob, you can try this 7-Site chart:


This one is provided by the T-Mag forum's very own Derek H (formerly D_Rock).

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys these are great but i need a chart that i can print out-any ideas?

Rob, if you give me a range of values then I could rather easily make a table of values for you. Or, find the article here on T-mag titled Body Composition for Beginners, Part 2. There should a forumla at the bottom of the article for a 7-site calculation and figure out how to do it on your own (Excel would work rather well for this).

I would just use an excel spreadsheet, put in the equation and have age across the top and skinfolds down the first column and make your own.