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7 Months on 5/3/1


Hello from East Lansing, Michigan.

I'm a 24 year old graduate student, whose been doing 5/3/1 for about 7 months. I lifted as an undergrad, so I had a decent base, but was content in spinning my wheels. I'm 6'5, 205lbs, and have been slowly bulking up. My goal is to be on the 220's eventually.

Squat: 260x3
Bench: 215:5
Deadlift: 350x5
OHP: 145

I run the boring but big program, and add a little hypertrophy here and there.

Legs: purely squats (and deadlifts)

Chest: Bench, shallow incline DB press and incline flyes. I'm trying to incorporate more frequency to increase mass.

Back: Deadlifts, pullups, Kroc Rows and BB shrugs.

OHP days: BB OHP and dips.

I throw in 4 sets of tricep pulldowns on my bench day.

Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks!


Sorry, I left for brunch before I could upload more pictures.


Legs - A definite weak point.


Another back.


quads are good but calves need lot work. How inches calves and quads have? ankle size?
Can you post picture where your upper body relaxed or arms down?


Sorry but can I just ask, how long did the moustache take? I grew mine for months but it was just thing and lispy. You seem to be enjoying good facial hair and bicep gains. I rated at 7.


I appreciate the facial hair shoutout. I trimmed somewhat recently, but I’d say it’s about 3 months of growth. As far as biceps go…I don’t isolate them, and I’m lucky enough to naturally have a decent size. This is the complete opposite of my legs and chest, however.




And relaxed back.


Had a pretty good pressing/upper back day today. Figured I’d post an update.


I dont have my self a good physique but i would work more chest,calves and triceps. :slight_smile: And this with low bodyfat % could look pretty good. Keep going brother… just dont bulk up and cut down… i think that is wrong. :smiley:


It’s been around a month or so since my last uploads. I’ve seen some good results from high volume, shallow incline DB press. My chest obviously lacks, but it’s the best development I’ve had so far. I’m not longer doing my bullshit modified BBB routine, and am now sticking to Jim’s basic recommendation in the original book. My strength is up in all lifts, but I’ve lowered my squat max to work on my form. I started at about 185/190, and now am 205-208 10 months later.




[quote]Michael.Ignagni wrote:


Keep it up bro. I’ve just started the program and I’m loving it.