7 Months Into Lifting, Am I Doing Good

You looked better in the before photo on top. Jk, I’ll assume that is the after. Looks good.

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Try running a cycle of creatine. If you can handle the sides you’ll easily double your gains.


Thx I’m an idiot lol

Thx already on it :+1:

Just some advice for this thread. Post before and after pictures in the same lighting and same pose. No flexing. Otherwise it’s pretty hard to judge your progress. Front, back, legs


Dunno, if you flexed in the before pic you may have looked the same.


This a million times. If you aren’t doing everything possible to make before shots the same as after shots your progress is going to be difficult to judge.

Also “doing good” is a pretty throw away term. What are your goals? If you’re trying to be stronger and you’re stronger than when you started you’re doing good. I’m sure you are doing a lot of good things but without more specifics it’s hard to gauge progress. I’d try to figure out what you want exactly and then determine how you’re going to measure it. And if you’re just doing the classic look better naked or feel better that’s fine as well. But for us to provide much help we need a bit more of what you want to do.

As others above have stated. It’s hard to judge completely without before and after photos from the front, sides, and back. Going by the photos you’ve provided, yes you look leaner and more muscular but you’ve used top lighting to emphasize shadows and you’re flexing.

As far as “doing good”, I would say, “yes”. I’m assuming you’re goal is like most. You want to be leaner, stronger, healthier, and more muscled. If you are getting stronger, feel better, and have noticeable muscle gains, you are “doing good”. Please always remember though that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Don’t try to compare yourself with how others are doing. Comparison is the thief of joy.