7 Months Body Numbing? No Dr Has Answer

July 2019 BOTH LEFT ARM AND LEG tingling numbness with NO PAIN then few days later my cheecks and jaw line are tingling even tounge and scalp it varys and lessens and worssens throughout the day… what could have happen I don’t lift heavy and have been working on stregething program. went to hosptial and got cleared from ct scan and blood work for being NOT IN STROKE situation. but what could this be and is it fixable without surgrey

i also relize its been 7 months now any type of lifting makes me tingle all over.
neuro got me to do brain mri … got results written report says unremarkable…

guessing thats good? also got neck MRI small herniation but they said it isn’t causing it also got put on medicine for sermon that didn’t help

now what? he said it isnt neck related? is this possible? or is he miscordinating … he said im MS FREE and it cant be neck related… i do relize thou i wake up in morning sometimes with it… and if i lift heavy bags with my arms i feel some type of shock through arm… could this be related? any ideas?

I am guessing EMG IS LAST OPTION?

You mention neck MRI with a small herniation. Have you had a back MRI all the way down your spine? The first thing I thought of when reading the first sentence of your post was “herniated disk pressing on some nerves”. I am similarly unsure how they could be so certain the neck herniation was not the issue, unless you were with an expert. If you just got the results, it is possible it used to be a BIG herniation and it is still upsetting all the surrounding tissue.

Have you been on any anti-inflammatories (steroidal or non-steroidal) for any length of time?

I am not a doctor, I only speak out of some personal experience.

Well yes the mri says small herinatoon but doctor like neuro saying impossible to face to numb out from
Neck??? It doesnt go up… i just did an emg anways im
So confused

If I understand what you are saying, they are telling you that a herniation where you have it in the neck would not likely cause numbing and tingling in the lower extremities. That sounds correct to me, but that is based completely on my own similar experiences.

I don’t know, man. Could be they haven’t found some other sources of inflammation or just straight up nerve damage somewhere along the spine. Did they MRI your ENTIRE spinal column? I would keep pushing and asking questions if I were you, even if it means getting a second opinion. Have they offered to do any kind of cortisol injection where your small herniation is to see if that makes any of the symptoms go away?

Got numbers? What’s “Good”?

Well all average my neruo told me… but still doesnt exolain why cheecks, face , scalp arms forrarms and leg tingle?

Comes when lifting weight or high blood bumping exerciae of some type…

Why i dont get it

Also did emg and it cleared normal he said

So you don’t have access to the actual lab results? There are several things possible, labs would help narrow it down.

Will try to get them for u asap… but how this cause numbing when lifting a box for example or weights??? Or laying wrong