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7 Months Bloodwork Advice? How to Restore Confidence?


I have just received my blood work results. I will try to keep this short and to the point and hope someone can help me advance my treatment. I started on 160mg/week test cypionate / two injections per week/ 400IU of HCG once a week and /.25 1/mg anastrozole.

For the last 4 weeks I have been only doing this:
180mg/test cyp per week. I split this into two doses per week. NO HCG and NO AI.

Here is my lab results. Blood was drawn on the day of my injection (PRIOR to my injection).

I need to improve my confidence like I had in the beginning of TRT and my testicles have atrophied a lot. I also can not seem to lean out. Diet is not perfect and COVID has me restricted to home workouts.

1 - how do i restore/boost my confidence?
2 - would HCG get my balls back without bloating ?
3 - do I need to increase my dose?
4 - get rid of jealousy thoughts about spouse.

Thanks GUYS!

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I have not taken any AI or HCG in over 90+ days.

I liked HCG libido increase but starting TRT I had alot of bloating/water weight.

I take a natural water pill every day and water retention is under control. I do not need or want to be fertile.

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Hi wizkidtrt

What’s your age/weight/height?

When you say 2 doses per week do you mean every 3.5 days?

AGE 36
Weight I am between 170-180 pounds. I hold water weight very easily on TRT.
Height: 5’9

I take 90mg on Tuesday AM and 90mg on Friday AM per week.

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That means you are injecting once in 3 days then 4 days, then 3 days, then 4 and so on. So first around 72 hours then around 96 hours then back to 72 hours. In my opinion that’s not optimal

When exactly was your blood test taken? 70 hours after TRT injection? 94 hours after?

If I was you I would not up the dose for now, 90mg twice per week is alot, especially the way you are doing it, if you keep things the same, I think eventually around week 12 you might notice negative symptoms and you might want to lower the dose, that’s just my opinion


My injection was on
5/19/2020 at 8AM

My blood was drawn on
5/22/2020 at 10AM

so, my blood was drawn 75 hours after my 90mg injection.

Thanks for the help and I appreciate your discussing this and helping me.

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So before your current protocol, you was on 160mg test cyp per week for 8 weeks with no Ai? How was you feeling on that?

Is it pharma grade test cyp? It sounds your current batch might be underdosed

How long have you been on your current batch?

I haven’t had good self confidence for months now. I go to a TRT clinic and everything is pharma.

I’ve been on this bottle for about 2 weeks.

I was not feeling confident on 160mg week so I took advice and increased my dose to 180mg a few weeks ago.

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So before your current protocol you was on 160mg per week for 6 months? At the beginning of TRT for how many weeks did you experience increased confidence?

I was on 160mg for about 5-6 months. I had good libido etc but I lacked the confidence.

The first couple of weeks on TRT I had amazing self confidence. This is what I am seeking.

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I don’t know.

Maybe you should ask someone from the TRT credentials thread

Confidence can come from so many things it’s hard to narrow it down to your TRT. Numbers look ok, could maybe go up on dose a tad (if those labs are on 180mg/week).

Neurotransmitters play a big part in your mood, taking anything that could interfere with them?

Edit: just read the spouse part. Don’t think TRT is gonna fix jealousy, there’s deeper issues going on there

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Ive noticed the jealousy is completely gone when I have my self confidence. I am not taking anything other than TRT and vitamins.

I am going to quit being a pussy and buckle down on my training and try to restore my confidence because this is miserable.


Maybe the inconsistent blood serum concentration is causing anxiety, other than that I don’t think jealousy is a side effect and I don’t think confidence is a benefit of TRT, maybe optimised hormones can indirectly help increase it, maybe hormonal imbalance can cause illogical emotions and insecurities, i dont know. If you want relationship advice you could make another thread, maybe that could help your situation

Anyway you just increased your dose 4 weeks ago, I think you should get another blood test after at least 2 weeks

Do you have bloods from the protocol before this one? when you was 160mg test per week without Ai?

Making an edit after seeing your second post wheee you say 90 days off ai.

What was your dose for the last 90?

you’ll have up and downs for a few weeks with any change. Some are more sensitive than others.

Your balls? Fuck em. No woman ever said “your balls look small”, they also don’t say “what a small C”, because they usually don’t return haha.

I mean really though you are on TRT man. The benefits outweigh the visual of your testicles. Also the less sex I have the bigger they get. More sex and the smaller. End of day I don’t have a big problem because my balls aren’t very small. My fiancé doesn’t and has never ever said anything about my balls. Neither did the last couple of woman I knew. Never. They did enjoy the sex though …

This is TRT. Unless you wanna add HCG back and start dealing with whatever that brings. Maybe nothing; but I wouldn’t mess with it until my body is back to feeling right.

Confidence? I’m thinking you just feel like shit after messing with your hormone balance of E to Ft and DHT. Your body is now 4 weeks into a new dose and it’s also building up in the system.

Lots of changes in a short period of time. Ride it out. You don’t need more. Give it another month or two: you should StarT feeling better.

Last recommendation inject EOD or daily. You’ll be better off with those schedules in the long run. A PITA for sure, but the benefits outweighs the negatives again.

TRT is awesome. Focus on the positive and be patient. It will come if you don’t fuck with it.

Well usually. The guys it doesn’t work for are the guys who mind F themselves with daily posts and diaries and status updates. They are constantly making changes and adding this or that. Don’t take suggesrions or have patience. Those guys have a rough time and some of them are still complaining. On and off AI: dose 200 to 100 back to 200 back to 150 in one year.

Learn from the mistakes of others. My suggestions can be backed up by most.

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Confidence is a benefit of DHT which is produced by T . DHT is what helps a man with his male characteristics as well.

He will be fine after his body stabilizes. That’s if he doesn’t have other shit going on that we don’t know of.

I’ve been where you are man, trust me.

When I started TRT a year ago, my confidence was rock solid for a while. The honeymoon phase, they call it. Even my doctor gave me the heads up about this.

It passes, and you won’t get it back. There’s no way with TRT alone to get it back. Not possible. Everyone here, literally everyone, experiences this and wishes they could have it again. I was in the same boat as you, saying “I will literally do anything to have that back” - it’s not gonna happen. You could look into different treatments that would produce a similar effect, but it won’t be the same (some guys like Wellbutrin, for example).

The confidence and jealousy - I really really believed TRT would fix this for me and I’d be the macho man some of my friends convinced me I wasn’t. Well, TRT definitely helped my confidence, but not in the way you’re looking for (or that I was). I’m now a lot more content with who I am, my future, my goals, and my limitations. Do my friends still pick on me? Yea, my buddy was on my case the other day for being a softy around my girl. Do I care? No, I actually laughed for the first time instead of taking it personally. And that, in my mind, showed a lot more confidence than anything else.

Jealousy - I’ve been there too. Turns out it was the girl I was dating back then. If you’re engaged, maybe look into finding a good therapist to help you through that. I learned a lot of times jealousy comes from not standing by your own boundaries and speaking up about things that make you uncomfortable. TRT won’t fix your girl talking to the guy at the office, but it might give you the boost you need to figure out why that upsets you and what you can actually do about it so the both of you are happier together.

Last thing, my confidence was just as good, if not better, when my total T was around 750 as when it was over 1500. That high and my anxiety got the best of me, and my temper was just creating more problems to worry about.


Do you see the pendulum here? You’re oscillating between two extremes: buckle down, man-up shit, and low confidence rumination about your spouse. Sure, there’s a time and place for just quitting the bitch shit. But you might think about better integrating your thought patterns.


I learned this the hard way too. I got so wound up about my libido months ago and kept changing shit. Finally gave up and just stuck to 200mg/week for a few months. Actually felt pretty great for the first time in a while (until my Dr got pissed about my bloodwork). Dropped back down to 150mg and despite the temptation to go up a little, I’m just keeping it here. It’s getting better.


As someone who’s battled with negative self talk for years, I agree with this 100%. Hell if anything TRT made me more angry at myself until I realized my solution isn’t in a needle.

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