7 Month Suspension System Workout

Hello T-Nation!

I wanted to share my 7 month suspension system workout that I did to help build a little strength, lose a little fat, but most importantly build a workout habit that I used as a platform from which I then jumped into the gym.

This workout is not necessarily intended for many of you who have years of fitness and weightlifting experience. Instead this is intended for you to share with friends and family who might want to get into fitness (inspired and motivated by you probably) but need a gradual introduction with convenience and cost as realistic restraints. This workout can also be adapted or used for physical therapy or rehab purposes. Some of the trainers on here might use this every once in awhile. Also, this could be used as cardio as it is more of a strength endurance than a muscle building application.

First, this uses just two handles that dangle from some high position like a ceiling or door frame (sturdy and well mounted) and can adjust in their length.

Second, this is just the workout I did, not a tried and true suspension system workout plan that will give you the biggest muscles ever. It is just a starting point for those who might need an accessible and cheaper option rather than a $300+ gym membership. This is great for those who travel all of the time as the suspension system can be used anywhere with a door.

The premise of these exercises are this:

  1. Each set is based on time not reps so you do as many reps as possible in that time frame not a certain number of reps. If failure occurs hen rest a little and try o get another rep in the timeframe. If it is a hold exercise then you hold it for that length of time. Same failure rule applies.
  2. Good form is as important here as in weightlifting.
  3. Rest in between is necessary. Don’t skip rest periods to get more reps/time.
  4. Adjust each exercise based on your ability and to accommodate injuries. Adjust by angling your body differently to increase or reduce weight load/tension.
  5. These types of exercises can be completed by younger folks, overweight folks, and folks with injuries (seek a professional if using this as a part of a rehabilitative plan or if you experience pain)

If you need to look up any of these exercises, you can easily do so on Google, YouTube, or in a number of suspension workout apps.

First month workout (three times a week):
Squat, plank (elbows), row, push ups
***Three sets each
***Each set is 20 seconds; rest is 30 seconds
***Yes this is a 10 minute workout; it is intended to be short and intense but manageable but most people.

Second month workout (three times a week):
Squat, runner’s start (sprinting start), row, bicep curl, tricep extension, plank (push up position if possible)
***Three sets each
***20 second set; 30 second rest
***These are 15 minute workouts

Month 3, 4, 5 workout:
The workout is called Kickstarta 2022 in the Bodyweight app. by Kennet & Anna-Maria Bath - The app. is free to download
Week 1-4 MWF
Chest fly, squat, sprinter start, row, L extension, triceps pushdown, biceps curl, plank
Week 5-8 M/Thurs.
Chest Fly, cross-over, L extension, Front raise, Triceps push down, triceps extension
Week 5-8 Tues./F
Squat, lunge reverse, pull up angled, row, biceps curl, biceps hug, plank
Week 9-12 M/Thurs.
Push up, chest press, cross over, L extension, front raise, triceps push down, triceps extension
Week 9-12 Tues./F
Squat, front squat, lunge reverse, pull up angled, lying row, biceps curl, biceps hug, plank
***Four sets each
***All sets are 30 seconds, rest periods between are 15 seconds
***These workouts range from 17-25 minutes

Months 6 and 7 (and beyond, I only stopped at 7 because I transitioned to the gym at this point):
Chest fly, push up, chest press, dips, triceps push down, triceps extension, incline shoulder press, shoulders press angled, triceps push down reverse grip, triceps pull apart, push up narrow grip, chest press single arm (right then left)
Squat, lunge side, front squat, calf raises, runner’s start (sprinter’s start), overhead squat, hamstrings curl, lunge, hamstrings bicycle, lunge side stretch
Lying row reverse, low row, pull up angled, biceps hug, biceps curl, cross over, T extension, L extension, Y extension, biceps reverse grip, single arm curl (right then left)
Crunch, body saw, plank, torso rotation, hip throw (add hip thrusts/press and hip abduction if you want to emphasize glutes), mountain climber, side plank (right then left), crunch pendulum, push up crunch, standing crunch roller (I made this name up because I couldn’t find it on the internet but basically you stand facing away from the hanging point and you unfold your body putting the tension on the abs and then you fold your body back up. It mimics the ab roller things on the floor but standing upright)
***Four sets each
***30 second set with 20 seconds of rest in between
***These workouts are anywhere from 35-50 minutes

That was my 7 month suspension workout progression.

I’m not a trained professional or have that much experience, but I thought that this might be useful to one or some people out there in T Nation. Feel free to take it, leave it, adapt it, or critique it.