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7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution


This is a place that I normally got the answer to most of my "aches and pains".
So I hope I be successful this time too.

I am collecting some literature and for quite some time I've been trying to get hold of

"7 Minute Rotator Cuff Solution" by G. Robinson (1990).

This thing is long time ago out of print and quite difficult to aquire (at least while seating on my back-side in Europe).

I even tried (unsuccessfully) to bit for it on ebay a couple of times :wink:

Does any of you could help on it, please?

I'd be very greatful!

Best Regards,


Second that, be interested in getting ahold of a copy of this.


Me two, I've lost 17 lbs since my injury and I have to learn to crawl before I walk (rehabilitation) in the gym all over again.


It is a good book. I got mine about 10-12 years ago. I can't believe some places are charging over a 100 bucks for it! I don't think it would be that hard to find from an internet search.


get the buckberger 12



I've seen some for WELL over $200!


I may answer my question myself (I know it's stupid actually, after posting a question just a couple of hours before).

I seem to have found a place where you could get the book! (I actually ordered one. I do not really think their online shopping experience is too fantastic - they did not calculat any shipping fee, so I guess they will have to come back to me again, or simply recalculate and charge my card again... or whatever)
but, all in all, I seem to have found it. (after a great number of hours online and reading numerous reviews, seeing it listed in many references, etc...)

And it is ONLY $29.95!!! I reckon it's "only" concidering all I've seen already.

anyway, this is a link, they surely have a couple of other quite OK books in stock that are normally quite difficult to get hold of.

hope it will work for you!




Edit: I see the price has come back down. A lot of people like Dale J. Buchberger, DC.



Physical therapy shops typically have copies.

If you know anybody who is a PT or OT, you can ask to borrow it and photo copy it.

I have had a copy for probably 8-9 years, and that is how I got it.

Just a thought.


The 7 minute solution is okay, but the Buchberger 12 is better. Much better.

Just get Dale's. ( He is a buddy of mine, but he's the best in the chirorpactic world with shoulders)


this seem to be the interesting thing too!

Thanks to all of you for your voice!
That's why I like "coming" here so often!

Have a good weekend! :slightly_smiling:


Thanks, dude. I will definitely get a copy.


I always have great technique with the following, I check my local library and if they do not have what I want, I ask the librarian for an inter-library loan, the library will search throughout the country to find your book and usually this service is free. I have save hundreds and received books from all over the country on a variety of topics.


i bought a copy half a year ago for 100... i went from a 70% tear of my supraspinatus to almost 100%... i didn't get mri after... but its so much better from when i first got injured, physical therapy didn't do much but hammer the shit out of it, when i got the book i took a rest from any weights read the book and then did the exercises from the book and nothing else...

i had more range of motion w/in a month and was able to do the pec stretch w/ out pain probably after 8 months, right now i have minor pain if i externall rotate my shoulder w/ the elbow 90 degrees all the way out and over the head stuff there is a minor discomfort... but it feels really good, im not even benchin that much anymore, just pushups, which i couldn't even do when the injury first started


Proper care is a godsend to a hurt shoulder. I hurt my shoulder (torn labrum in a car accident 8/6/05) and have rehabbed it to stronger than before.


Holy shit, I never would have thought that book would be worth so much! Is it illegal for me to photocopy it and send it to fellow lifters in need? PM me if you're interested.


gees there is more info on this site - do a search!

I have the book, I think it's pretty average at best. It's not the complete picture on shoulder health

there is a lot more to it than the book tells ya that's for sure. And exercise wise too.


I agree with you! there's plenty of good articles on this site which touch on shoulder health (directly or not) and the value of good posture, etc.

Somehow, it ("7 minutes R C solution") has become almost a "cult" book in the rotator cuff rehab so I NEED to see this and know how good is "good"
From experience, there?s NO book that?s "ultimate" enough!!!

Years ago, I wrote master dissertation on shoulders mobility, listed and described over 80 exercises and still there are many "missing" and needs revising.

I want this book as a reference 'cause from what I know, it is listed in every literature reviue and reference list when somebody is writing about upper body/shoulders injuries.

Apparently, it helped sooo many people, as well.
There MUST be something about this book.
G. Robinson must have know his stuff, otherwise the book would Not be so much sung about it.

To be perfectly honest, I am putting all my "shit" together to write MY version of a manual for powerlifters and other strength athletes (ok, you can count bodybuilders here, too) to
"keep you shoulders in one piece and relatively pain free".

"7 minutes R C Solution" was written in 1990. We have 2006, time to get something more up to date + written by someone who did bench press on more than one occasion.
Do you agree??



It surely works in America. I don't think I'd get so much success with exploring this avenue here in Europe (regardless the country)
I'd love to save some of our precious $$$, too! :wink: