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7-keto DHEA

Hey fellas, started cutting this week for fight. Need about 7lbs. to loose in order to go in without having to sacrifice water weight.Anyways I would like to share my supplement scheme, ask a question, and hopefully get some words of advice or feedback.

here it is:
Caffeine, Power Drive with Yohimbe 5mg before weights and boxing practice(8 hours between routines).
20g of fish oil a day
2500 calories a day at a 50%c, 25%P, 25%F breakdown. that’s for week one-two. Week Three and four I will be using “Lean System 7,” Yohimbe Hcl at 15mg a day, r-ALA, vitex, 20g fish oil, and Chromium histidinate.

my questions are: The craze for thyroid function right now is 7-keto DHEA, I looked through previous threads and found one stating that 200mg a day is perfect, Lean system 7 at the recommended dose only contains 100mg a day in two seperate doses. Should I add the extra 100mg with a 7-Keto DHEA supplement? and does anyone recommend one?

Second question is During what phase or stage of this should I or should I not install OLD version T2? I was thinking maybe for one week during week 2 at 6 caps a day in three divided doses equaling 300mcg a day?

thanks guys and hope to hear from anyone soon.
Da Boxer


How long are you cutting? Needing to lose 7lbs should take 3-4 weeks based on a carefully thought out plan. I’d add the T2 over the last 2 weeks of the diet at least, depending on how much you have. You’ll want to add it after your thyroid begins to slow down, so wait a week or two before you jump into T2.

I would not add any more 7-keto DHEA. Instead I would use the new T2 pro the first two weeks. Or I highly recommend Biotest’s Methoxy. It will help you burn fat through other pathways while retaining muscle mass and generally enhance recovery between workouts. You could use the methoxy the entire time you are dieting. Between the new T2pro and the old T2, that you have, thyroid function should be fine. Good luck

I will be cutting for Four weeks exactly. I will not do a protein type diet, as energy for the ring dies. At this point muscle loss is not an issue, as I have never had a problem retaining even on hypocaloric diets. I have a full bottle of T2(old version) to answer your questions Jason. JMS I do not have t2-pro but have something very similar called “Glucolean” which contains:
Bitter Melon extract 4:1
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 40:1
ALA, d-pinitol, selenium, chromium

I was told this product is superior than T2-pro.

I would definitely go with the T2 for at least the last 2 weeks at least. Personally, I don’t really see how T2-Pro or something similar will do you much good when you are taking T2, so I would save your money.

I've always considered T2 similar to MAG-10 and T2-Pro similar to Tribex. T2 kinda takes over and T2-Pro aids in support and recovery.

Those were my thoughts as well Jason.
Have you ever gone the route of 300mcg a day? I will start next week. Thanks for the replies.

Honestly, I don’t really have a good opinion on the dosing as I only have some experience with the product. I tend to think that Biotest labels their stuff very well and although you could take more, it could easily be an issue of just throwing your money away. 150 mcg might be more than enough and going up to 300 mcg might be like trying to fill a pool that is already full. The water is just going to leak out and not do you any good.

According to Brock, T2 acts at 1/4 of T3 (i.e. 50 mcg of T2 = 12.5 mcg of T3). The highest most people should go with T3 is 100 mcg (highest) with a few individuals needing more. Therefore, you could go with 8 pills of T2 per day, though I wouldn’t go past 6 pills as 75 mcg of T2 is more than enough for most people. Plus, I’d say 4 weeks with 300 mcg of T2 for the last three weeks will easily help you burn off the 7 pounds. Hope this helped.

Thanks Jason, Tampa, Brent. Brent, I will begin next week with 2 in the morning, 1 at midday adn 2 in the evening. that gives me about 62.5mcg equivalence to T3 according to Brock.

thanks again fellas, and feel free to add more if you like.