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7 Habits Q's


I read the article about the above and it makes great sense. I eat better than 95% of the population already but this will obviously take me the final distance.

But I've got a couple of q's.

  1. I'm into speedy food prep. The way I figure it I need about 6 meals of 400 calories. Since I have a dairy allergy, it'll be meat or eggs (about 20 g) and 1.5 servings (i.e. cups) of fruit at about 200 calories and then I need about 100 calories (or 11 g) of fat. Now my question is on the fat: where am I going to get pure fat (cuzz it won't be in my egg whites or skinless chicken)? What do you guys do? Short of chugging a shot glass of olive oil, I can't think of anything very practical! One meal I can have nuts/peanuts but that's about all I can think of...

  2. Just to clarify: the only time I can have whole grains (which I eat a fair amout of) is before or after the workout?

Thx for any advice or tips...


Fish oil and flax oil are good for a small percentage of your fat intake. You can cook your eggs in olive oil, and mix walnut oil in with your shakes (if you make any shakes).

Nuts are, like you said, also a good choice. Other possibilities are coconut and avacado.

You didn't say much about your goals, so it's difficult to say when/how much grain you should be eating. If you're eating fruits and veggies (which you should be) already, grains can easily be eliminated. Especially for a 2400 calorie a day diet.


I poor olive oil on my veggies. Take some spinach, sprinkle on shaved almond and then poor on the olive oil. I like it on my broccoli too.


Thx for the idea. This is mind blowing: I've got to mind around it. I can't imagine eating enough fruit and veges to get the calories I need. It seems like I"m going to have to eat a lot of serving per day.

And I want to put on some muscle: I've been having trouble doing that - I'm middle aged - and know I need to ramp up my protein and probably calories. I was actually planning on eating a little more than 2400 calories.

Any comments are much appreciated...


Thx for the tip!

But I guess what I'm struggling with is the fact that I think most meals I'll be using more fruits than veggies since veggies are so few in calories (in general) and I'm a "thin to win" kind of body type, i.e. I need more calories, not less.

So if I have fruit at one of my meals, it sounds like avocado and/or nuts are my only choices cuzz I can't imagine pouring oil on fruit! At least that's all I can think of.

But then I get stuck cuzz I can't imagine eating four servings of nuts during the day.

Any tips/thoughts are much appreciated...


Can't imagine 4 servings of nuts in a whole damn day. You do realize a serving is only 1/4 in most nuts. That makes 1 cup being the four servings you talk about. One of the reasons nuts are great for some. But also have to be watched by others. It is easy to pack away an extra 1000 k/cals with say a little over a cup of walnuts.

Another great option for your fruit from time to time would be whole cream as a fat source with your fruit. Say sliced peaches and cream or whatever. A peach some cream and a scoop of Vanilla Grow! mixed and you have one hell of a good meal there.

Hope that helps,


BTW, in relation to what Phill recommended, even if you have a dairy allergy it's probably related to lactose. No lactose in cream.