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7 days to ultimate leanness

Has anyone tried this? I could not make sense of it. Friday, use MRP 25 grams carbs then 50 protein and next meal two parts carbs then one part protein.Saturday, cardio but don;t use quads. What about jogging? 1/2 cup oats the entire day! What the heck.
The rest of the program, meal times, how much chicken? how much beef? how much flax oil? How much sweet potatoes?how much food? There’s alot of missing info. Do I just use the program as a guide line? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh Yea! I’m 6’1" and 214.
Getting ready to go on a fishing trip next week at lake guntersville. Can’t wait.

I tried it last summer for 4th of July. It worked pretty well: I lost a lot of water and looked really good - and I got laid that night, so good times.

Anyway, really I think it worked “alright”, but there were some mistakes that I made and I probably wasn’t as lean as I should’ve been to start out with. I mean, I don’t think that program is gonna make you lose fat, it’s gonna help you lose water. So if you’re already lean then losing your water will make you look really cut and not as smooth.

Some of my mistakes:

  1. Drinking some alcohol
  2. Not getting enough sleep
  3. Not eating enough of the chicken and sweet potatoes, I couldn’t find a way to enjoy it.
  4. My workout volume probably should’ve higher.

I think the program really is just a guideline and he a)doesn’t want to give you a free program 'cuz that’s how Swole makes his money; and b)he probably assumes that you should be able to figure out portion sizes based on your current diet, which if you are already lean then would know really well.

Also, I forget why exactly, but I was taking mad shits. Seriously, my shit was upset.

With that said, I definately plan on trying it again this summer sometime. If you plan on trying it I’d love to hear your experiences. Good luck.

Why do you need to “look good” for a fishing trip?

I tried it.
Look up the “strut yo stuff” thread by Timbo and Thunder, honestly their advice is better than SwoleCats program…