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7 Days to Ult. Leanness question

During the carb up phase do I want to be consuming 3x my weight in grams for each of the three days even though the total meal count for each day decreases?

For example
Would this be accurate for a 200 lb person
Day 1 calls for 600gs spaced out in 7 meals
Day 2 calls for 600gs spaced out in 6 meals
Day 3 calls for 600gs spaced out in 5 carb meals

Nice article, would like to hear what other thought of it (trish, TT, vain etc) much more basic than i thought, to be honest its pretty much what i get my clents doing.
differences being
Carb up days depend on bodyweight (less than 150 lbs 36-48hr carb up)
less ala used, (also push methoxy much more now but that is more in the last 4 weeks)
lotsa diet coke in the last day (friday instead of water)
use potassium in the last day (much to thunders disgust)
niacin and VS pre pump up
maintain weight training sessions as per norm, dropping legs a week early and bumping reps up slightly. also no HIIT that week.

would like to hear what the veterans have to say.
please note that i have never actually done a show this is just what i have found works with my cilents (they do OK) FLAME AWAY hehehe
all talk, no walk… thats me!

what’s a good diuretic to go with? I’ve never tried such a thing. Coffee is what I was planning on using, but I have no knowledge behind that choice.


Yep, 600g per day, albeit in fewer meals. Also remember that you’re not eating protein (i.e. chicken) at each of those meals.

As far as the diuretic goes, S-Dub mentioned using dandelion root (an herbal diuretic) and B-6. Any quick weight loss drug (i.e. diuretic) will basically be composed of these ingredients in addition to caffeine. Something along those lines (i.e. Taraxatone) should bode well.

I asked him (Chris Janusz) the same question and he said you don’t have to reduce the meals if you’re not spilling over or getting bloated. If you were to divide the 3g per lb over 7 meals this is the amount you would eat at every meal. The article assumes that you would be “spilling over” so you take away one meal a day on the carb loading phase. So, this would mean obviously less calories each day. Does this make since?