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7 Day Backpacking Trip

I’m currently planning my diet for a 7 day backpacking trip. I pretty much know what I’m doing but I wanted to ask some advice anyway.

Most days are going to look like this:

breakfast: Oatmeal, dried fruit, protein shake

Snack: Gatorade, Trail mix of fruit and nuts

Lunch: Cheese, nuts, beef jerky

Snack: Gatorade, Trail mix of fruit and nuts

Dinner: Wheat pasta with dried sauce

Snack: protein shake before bed

I’m going to be on a calorie deficit as I’m going to be burning a shit load of calories while hiking with a 40lb pack. I may bring a little EVOO and fresh fruit and veggies to be eaten on the first night or at least very early in the trip. The diet is going to be very high in carbs but that’s alright because I’m going to be burning a lot of calories. It’s also going to be a little low in protein but aside from protein shake it’s tough to pack protein. I may add a protein shake at lunch or replace the gatorade with Surge but I’m not sure yet.

I’m looking for ideas that people have taken backpacking before, specifics would be great.

Every year when I go big game hunting I’m in the field for a week. This time is spent doing a great amount of hiking in very steep country loaded down with a day pack and rifle. To keep me fueled and energized I always keep Metabolic Drive Bars in my pack along with a baggy of BCAA’s and BETA-7. I will have a handful of these with an apple periodically thru the day. I usually start the day around 4:00 am with a Spike Shooter and keep one in my pack for later in the afternoon when I need a pick me up.